Social Lead Generation Ideas with the New Instagram Updates

Social lead generation is all about just that...growing leads using social media.  Typically, the first networks to come to mind for use related to this are Facebook and Twitter.  Yet, one that has grown massively and has had major positive developments for businesses is Instagram.

The new Instagram updates continue to evolve the network into a great platform for engaging your audience and generating leads!


In this episode of the Halftime Mike podcast I dive into my special strategy for social media lead generation and, in particular, how the new Instagram updates make it a much more appealing platform for attracting, engaging, and growing new leads.

Ready to dive in?

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Social Lead Generation Ideas with the New Instagram Updates

I've outlined that to succeed on social media you need a cohesive plan.  It's a must.  And many small businesses and marketers are scoring low in the key areas of Attraction and Engagement.  As seen below in my social media lead generation funnel, these two areas are key elements that come BEFORE lead capture.

To attract is to get in front of the right audience and be visible in a helpful, positive way.  I talk about keys like social media posts that are resource-rich, add value, informative, and interesting.  They are not all about your products or company!  Your content needs to be relevant but broader.  A realtor can share about key things in their community, for example, and not simply about new home listings for sale.

Your social media marketing, website, and email marketing must work together to truly be a strategic lead generating machine.

That's what I cover in my book, Game Plan for Social Media Lead Generation.


Social media marketing in general does not stay put.  It changes.  It changes fast and you have to keep up.  Platforms and networks evolve.  Your marketing must as well.

Instagram Update Helps Social Lead Generation

In this episode I want to particularly look at how the new Instagram app updates can be used by marketers.  The Attraction and Engagement areas of my funnel that we just covered briefly are the key areas where the new Instagram updates apply.

First, just know that I am impressed with what Instagram has done this year!  Instagram has been on a roll in 2016 with business-friendly updates, and marketers need to pay attention!

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Second, this really only matters if Instagram is growing and it is!  Instagram has overtaken Twitter in users and time spent on the network per day.  Both key metrics for marketers to pay attention to.  A bonus is the demographic audience is widening as well to include more and more of the above 40 crowd.

Instagram Updates to Stories

Instagram Stories were new the summer of 2016.  It introduced a whole new world within Instagram that included short snippets of content up to 10 seconds in length that competes directly with SnapChat.

Instagram Stories can have lots of unique uses, some of which include:

  • Quick, behind the scenes info
  • Ability to offer 24 hour time limited offers
  • A unique way to introduce other web content

More Instagram Stories marketing uses >

Just last week Instagram launched even more powerful updates to Stories including:

  • Boomerang
  • Mentions
  • Links now available within Stories

Boomerang is the unique Instagram tool like a boomerang where you can capture a quick video that goes out and comes back, and repeats.  A fun way to make a key point or bring focal attention to something.

Mentions is a key add where a user creating a story can @-mention someone in their story and Instagram will underline the username, allowing viewers the ability to click the mention and be redirected to the user's profile.

And the best add is the ability to include links.  This is currently only available to verified Instagram account users but hopefully will be rolled out to the masses shortly.  This is powerful because link clicks were not allowed on Instagram in any fashion besides the bio link previously.  As marketers seeking to move followers from social to become leads, links are an important "ease of use" step needed.  Finally, Instagram is opening the doors to this and marketers need to be ready!

Going back to the Social Lead Generation marketing funnel above, a key way of building your audience is through Attraction and Engagement.  Instagram Stories, and particularly now with more enhanced tools allow you to create great content to attract the right audience and engage with them, ultimately then moving them over to your website where you have soft lead capture ready to go to move them from visitor to lead.

Since this podcast was recorded, Instagram went a number of steps further and rolled out EVEN MORE POWERFUL new tools I want to mention here as well.  They include:

  • Live Video in Stories
  • Disappearing photos & videos for groups & friends in Instagram Direct


Again, for top of the funnel ways to build "know, like, and trust" relationships with potential customers, these additions are significant.  It allows businesses to use the power of video and the element of "limited access" to have their followers pay attention and focus in on what they are sharing.

5 Ways Businesses can use Instagram Live Video

  1. Q & A Sessions
  2. For Launches and Special Announcements
  3. For Introducing new Web Content
  4. Interviews (Internal within the team or with special guests)
  5. Behind-the-scenes footage and views

Tools and features like these from Instagram are "social media posts" and they can help a business set themselves apart from others.  In a crowded online world and with lots of competitors all around, the key is not to compete on low price but rather by building trust and loyalty around your uniqueness!

Ideas for Video Use on Instagram:

  1. Stories work - share them!
  2. How to videos
  3. Introduce your events and new web content
  4. Recap events, posts, podcasts, and more
  5. Do a weekly tip time

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Keep the videos short (max is 1 minute) and with Facebook video consider using subtitles to help with the auto-play in the news feed.  I recommend the smartphone app, VideoShow for editing videos quickly on your phone and adding subtitles.

With all of these, the key is either through text, links (when possible do this) or via sharing in video, drive traffic to your website where your lead capture offer should be ready to leap into action.  Lead capture is 30% of your social lead generation funnel mix.  What Instagram gives you is a way to build rapport and brand awareness so that viewers have enough information to trust you to click the link or take action when you do share your lead-intent posts.

The bonus is that they are creating tools with the link sharing and Live Video that allow for more mid-funnel lead capture direct posts on this platform.  It's a win-win for users and businesses.  Listen to the full episode for all my shared goodies!


  1. LISTEN TO THE PODCAST!  This is just a sample of the goods I deliver to help you get on track, think big, and run a business that succeeds online.
  2. Identify your "one thing."  What's the next single thing... the key thing you need to take action on that you learned here?

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