What’s News in Facebook and Social Media Marketing for Lead Generation

It’s time for an update podcast to talk about what’s new in Facebook and Social Media Marketing for lead generation.

If you’ve spent time with me before or are new here, you’ll quickly pick up that I’m all about practical, effective strategy for your social media marketing.  For small and medium sized businesses, it’s not about what’s trendy or colorful, but about what can work.  I try to keep it simple and give you the updates you need to know today!

In this episode of the halftime Mike podcast I dive into Facebook and Social Media marketing for lead generation.  Learn about my new book, the strategy, and the latest on Facebook, Instagram, and more.

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What’s News in Facebook and Social Media Marketing for Lead Generation

Facebook and social media market in general does not stay put.  It changes.  It changes fast and you have to keep up.  What worked well on Facebook 2 years ago does not now.  It evolves.  Your marketing must as well.

Sometimes we can feel like Doc in “Back to the future” when another new social media update rolls out or a new platform emerges.  We can be like “AHHHHHH!”  What do I do?  What is important?  We’ve been there.


Like Kevin Costner in Dances with the wolves the changes can leave us feeling a bit exposed and naked!  It’s time to get dressed and into action with your Facebook and social media marketing!


2 Key Shifts

There have been 2 key shifts the past year that are really impacting marketers and businesses must take these into account and overcome the obstacles.  They are:


  1. The speed of change – It’s accelerating at a astronomical rate.  The key is finding sources (like this!) you can rely on to keep updated.  It’s not all up to you.  Find partners that can help you stay up with the curve and what’s important now!
  2. Content Overload – Mark Schaefer calls it Content Shock is his latest book.  The amount of content being created and shared online and on social media far exceeds our ability to consume the content.  It’s a problem!  How do you get your content seen and how do you stay relevant in this mix?  Content ignition is needed!

Livestreaming is one way to Ignite Content

You can use livestreaming to do:

  • Product demos
  • Event coverage
  • Interviews
  • Behind the scenes looks
  • Introduction of new content and blog posts




Content Ignition Tactics

As noted, you need quality content, especially on your website but also to share on social media.  The key is igniting that content.  Simple text posts on Facebook every 2-3 days for your business will not do it!

You have to find the key ways today that work on Facebook and they are in this order:

  1. Facebook Live Video
  2. Videos posted to Facebook
  3. Images loaded to Facebook
  4. Link Posts to Facebook
  5. Last is text posts

Facebook weights posts differently to be seen by fans in the news feed!   Understand this!  They HELP fans see your Live Videos when you are broadcasting!  The reach of videos and even images dwarfs that of link posts on Facebook!

Ideas for Video Use on Facebook:

Be like the Karate kid and use uncommon, but practiced and strategic moves!

  1. Stories work – share them!
  2. How to videos
  3. Introduce your events and new web content
  4. Recap events, posts, podcasts, and more
  5. Do a weekly tip time

Keep the videos short and with Facebook video consider using subtitles to help with the auto-play in the news feed.  I recommend the smartphone app, VideoShow for editing videos quickly on your phone and adding subtitles.



Instagram Rises in 2016

I think a big winner in social this year is Instagram.  They have done incredible things with advancing the platform. Here’s a few key features.  Listen to the podcast to hear more!

  • Business Profiles
  • 60 Second videos
  • Integration with Facebook Ads
  • Launch of Stories

Here’s tips on stories..

instagram stories

Special Offers, Show the process of creating/building, go behind the scenes, and consider a “takeover” exchange with a partner to grow from their audience.


Content Ignition through Strategic Social Sharing

Another common mistake is that businesses share their content one time on social media after publishing it.  Don’t do that!  It’s too little.  Remember the challenge, there’s competition to get your content scene so you have to find more ways to share it!

Consider this plan:


Use Paid Advertising

Yes, it’s basically a must but it has GREAT value!

You can get in front of exactly the right type of audience.


Lastly, Remember to integrate your Online Marketing

Your Facebook and social media marketing must work together with your website, lead capture, and email marketing in order to truly be a strategic lead generating machine.

That’s what I cover in my book, Game Plan for Social Media Lead Generation.  Below is the funnel strategy I dive into and explain in the book.


Finally, remember that to be unique and stand out, you need to be uncommon!  The unorthodox, practiced move can win for your business using these tools that are leading edge today!


Dig in!  You can ROCK IT!goshen-chamber-nov-9-whats-new-in-social-media_-what-matters-today-mike-gingerich-smwl16-lima-oh18


  1. LISTEN TO THE PODCAST!  This is just a sample of the goods I deliver to help you get on track, think big, and run a business that succeeds.
  2. Identify your “one thing.”  What’s the next thing, the key thing you need to take action on?

So what’s your key takeaway from this?  What do you need to do in the next 24 hours based on listening?

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