Research These Aspects of Digital Marketing

You will need marketing in any business. Your product or service will not be sold without it. But, before you go talking to the town crier, do some research on digital marketing. It is cheaper and more effective than traditional media marketing. Thus, making it accessible even to you.

But to be good at it, you’ve got to know your stuff. Look up these aspects of digital marketing to make your product soar.

Research These Aspects of Digital Marketing

Traditional marketing vs digital marketing

Traditional marketing differs from digital marketing in many ways. They are different ideals with different sets of rules. Understanding them will mean you can use them both to their full potential.

Fundamentally, traditional marketing is a one-way journey from media to consumer. The television, for example, shows an advert, the viewer watches it. Then, maybe they will consider what it says, maybe it will prompt a sale, but you will never fully know. There can be studies done after the fact, but it can never be sure of how the consumer saw the product. Or, what they think of it, or what prompted them to buy it.

Digital media, on the other hand, allows for a two-way conversation. You release a product, people look and respond in the comments. The fact that they found it in the vast sea of the internet implies they already have an interest in it. Either due to either an algorithm delivering it to them or they went searching for the product.

This allows for a lot of conversation. You can gain feedback from your customers in real-time. Perhaps implement suggested changes, fix problems, and, on top of all that, record every bit of engagement. You will know who likes your product, why they like it, and what actions they took to support you, all in real-time. Clicks, shares, buys are all recorded.

The only drawback is that there is no one-to-one interaction with your audience, initially. Your winning smile will have to be depicted in a trailer. Your persuasive chat will have to be fed into a blurb or social media. You will have to rethink traditional tactics that a car salesman would swear by.


An algorithm is a set of rules using mathematics that will specify how a particular group of data, in this case, your audience, behaves. Algorithms help in ranking search results and advertisements.

Social media platforms implement these. So, if you are paying for advertisements on social media, you will need quality content to make your users engage. On Instagram that can be photos or stories. However, on YouTube, it’s more long-form videos while on TikTok it would be shorter. Tailor all of this content towards a user that will appreciate it to help the algorithm do its job.

Your content would then be picked up by the algorithm and sent to audience members it thinks would be interested. This means you don’t waste money and potentially irritate and put off other audience members with a constant barrage of a product they’re not interested in. And, you target specific people who will buy it.

Affiliate links

Affiliate research allows you to promote your products through clicks. Online content will contain a link to your product waiting for somebody to click. They can be subtle as embedded in an article or they can be outright. Like, when an influencer asks their audience to use their affiliate link to gain something, usually a discount.

There is usually a deal between the merchant, or seller, and the affiliate. The seller has the audience, the affiliate has the product. The seller can be paid per click or an overall amount.

Crucially, affiliate links gather data. Every click is recorded so that you know what website they came from and what they are looking for. Knowing this will save you from spending money on content that is not gaining enough footfall.


Domain authority is the ranking of where your website will show up on a search engine result. Every website owner dreads the “second page of a Google search” since nobody clicks on it. It is vital you rank high on your search. There are a number of ways you can boost this ranking and one is by doing your keyword research.

Keyword research is the process of finding out what words or terms your target audience is looking for on Google. You can optimize your search strategy and rank higher on Google search results when you identify the high-value keywords your audience is searching for.

There is a process where you can scan your website for keywords. Use Google Search Console to dig deeper into your keyword data. This allows you to find the most valuable phrases with a competitor analysis tool. Then choose which keywords to focus on.

For optimum results, you want a mix of user intent and semantic search and long-tail and short-tail keywords. User intent and semantic search show the difference between terms. They could have various intents and terms that lead to semantically related search queries.

Long-tail and short-tail keywords ultimately come down to long, specific terms and short terms that might show up in a broad range of searches. Make sure you have a healthy mix of the two going forward.

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