Recent Social Media Updates Through August

As I just had my birthday at the beginning of the week, I have been reflecting on the past year and I always amazed at the speed of change online, and particularly in social media.  It will not stand still! Changes occur, updates are made, algorithms adjust, and to be effective we have to keep “in the know” and adapt.

Here’s your latest dose of social media updates through late August and what you need to do to adapt with your business and marketing.

Facebook Business Pages

As more people and businesses compete for limited News Feed time, Facebook has rolled out some new updates on Facebook Business Pages. Some of the changes include making reservations, booking appointments, placing orders easier and more.  As well, recommendations are more prominent, there are improved features for events, the job application tool expands to worldwide, and visitors can browse a local section in your app.

These are HUGE changes to Pages with the intent to drive more people to your Page, not just to hopefully see your posts in the News Feed.

Why This Matters to Your Business

With over 1.6 billion people on Facebook, the 80 million businesses with Pages on Facebook have to compete for limited News Feed time. The new updates for the Facebook Business Pages are set to help small businesses and local businesses better connect with people.

Currently, most interaction with a Page is done in the News Feed and few people go to the Page itself.  Now, you will see more traffic to the Page with the features and tools being integrated within the Page. Definitely, you must review the features Facebook is recommending, review the Page Template they are recommending, and set up some of these new features to be able to take advantage of the opportunities Facebook is giving.

Facebook and Instagram Crossposting

We’ve been waiting for it and it looks to be in roll-out and available to all soon! You will be able to cross post from your Facebook business Pages to your Instagram business profile. This feature was available from Instagram to Facebook, but soon you will be able to do it the other way too!

The feature rollout will only start with crossposting one photo from Facebook to Instagram.

Why This Matters to Your Business

Crossposting from Facebook to Instagram can be a great feature to take advantage of for your business simply in terms of efficiency of time and effort.  Just keep these things in mind when crossposting:

  1. Remember that your Facebook audience is different from your Instagram audience and might require different posts, so you should be creating content for the specific platform.
  2. Instagram posts usually use more hashtags as a strategy to reach their audience and Facebook does not, so if sharing from Facebook you might go back to Instagram and edit the post or comment with relevant hashtags.

LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn has been on the move the past 6 months or so with a number of nice changes for users and marketers. The most recent is a significant change to LinkedIn Groups. Boosting engagement and enabling vibrant discussions in your groups is important, so LinkedIn has prioritized features that support this including:

  1. Making it easier to access Groups right from the LinkedIn homepage
  2. Improving visibility of group conversations in the main LinkedIn feed
  3. Giving you the ability to manage your group on the go in the LinkedIn iOS and Android apps
  4. Helping you stay up-to-date on group activity through Notifications
  5. Enabling richer conversations with the ability to reply to comments, edit posts and comments, and post a native video

Why This Matters to Your Business

LinkedIn Groups can be a key community building and top-of-mind awareness tool that positions your company as an expert and thought leader by your hosting a group or participation in a group.  Groups had fallen into less use over the years and now this will bring attention to them back to the forefront.

LinkedIn wants people to stay on the platform and use it, and the new Groups is a way to help that.  This helps users that will be intentional about cultivating a group they host and bringing attention to them when they are active in a group.


That’s a wrap on the August Social Media updates for 2018!  As always, my goal is to keep you quickly informed so that you can adapt and get on with business!