Recent Social Media and Facebook Updates for September 7th

Facebook Updates for September 7

There are some exciting changes from the past several weeks. I’ve collected the ones I think will impact your business the most.


Facebook Blocks Ads that Repeatedly Share False News

Facebook is on a mission to reduce hoaxes and false news. Now if Pages repeatedly share news that has been categorized as false by third party fact checking organizations they won’t be allowed to place ads on Facebook.


If you don’t share false news then there will be no impact. But if you do share questionable news stories, then don’t expect to be able to place ads for your business, which may have an impact on your bottom line.

Facebook is now Showing News Publisher Logos

To further their mission to eradicate false news from their news streams, Facebook has begun to show the logo of the news publisher in the search and trending area.


This will help businesses that share news on their own page feed spot questionable sources and channels quickly and easily.

Create Your Facebook Cover from a 360 Photo

360-degrees photos are well supported by Facebook and they’ve even given you the ability to take 360-degrees photos inside the Facebook app itself. Now you can use your 360-degree photo for your cover photo. It’s the first support update that Facebook has made to the cover photo area since it introduced cover images.


This is excellent news for businesses whose products have a visual component, like Nat’l Parks, Wedding Planners and venues, adventuring and landscaping companies. Anyone that needs to show off a large area of grounds or event will benefit from using 360-degree photos.


Use Landscape and Portrait Formats in Multiple Image Posts

Woo Hoo! Free to use the all the images you take no matter what! This has always been a bit of a pain … using only horizontal (landscape) images for a post. This improvement makes it so easy to add multiple images and get my point across.


I’m for anything that will save me time and brain cells. Now I don’t have to think about the picture format when I’m taking pics, I can use the best format for the shot.

Age Demographics for the US and UK

eMarketer forecasts that in the US and UK we’ll see a double digit rise of Snapchat and Instagram usage. Facebook use for ages 12 to 17 and 18 to 24 will fall. Overall usage for Instagram will grow 23.8% in 2017 alone! In the under 12 and 12 to 17 user, SnapChat will have even more younger users than Instagram.


Parents in the US and the UK are letting younger children use SnapChat and Instagram. So if your business counts on these age groups for sales, SnapChat and Instagram are excellent places to be and to advertise.


Active Status Now Live in LinkedIn

Active status has been added to LinkedIn. Now you can see who’s online and signed into LinkedIn. Now you will get notified immediately to when someone messages you.


This is excellent for relationship building and hiring potential contractor and vendors. No more drumming your fingers on the desk waiting for an answer.


Edit Your Business Listing in Google Search

Yesterday Google rolled out a new dashboard that allows businesses to change their Google Business Listing directly in the search engine. Add and update contact information, opening hours, photos, and more directly from the search engine.


Now it will be easy to keep an eye on, update and maintain your most important business account, your Google Business Listing.

That's a snapshot on what's changed recently! Anything stand out to you?

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