Should your business run Facebook ads and how?


As a business owner or CEO, you might be easily tempted to do what your competitors are doing in terms of marketing — ranging from blogging, SEO, email marketing, or creating videos among other options. However, you may not be able to use all these marketing strategies considering their associated costs. Consider the thought, should your business run Facebook ads.

You need to choose a marketing channel that suits your needs and gives a cost-effective marketing ROI and one to consider is Facebook Ads. In might be news to you, but Facebook Ads can help you attract the biggest audience with better engagement compared to many other social media platforms.

This means Facebook is a social media platform that you should not ignore. Not convinced? Here is why your business should be running Facebook ads.

Facebook Ads Are Economical

The cost of Facebook Ads are only a fraction of what you would pay for many online marketing options. To be on the safe side, you can make a daily Facebook budget to avoid exceeding your budget. The main focus is not on how much the ads cost but the value you get for every dollar spent.

If you try Facebook advertising with a proper strategy, the results plus the cost efficiency aspect may surprise you. For instance, if you spend 1 dollar per day on Facebook, your ad could attract 4000 more targeted and relevant potential customers in a month that otherwise would not have seen your business.

Huge Audience

At the end of June 2019, Facebook had 2.41 billion active users monthly around the world. Also, Facebook provides 22 billion ad clicks every year. It's clear that Facebook gives businesses an excellent opportunity to advertise.  It has the people, and Ads allow you to drill down to target the right audience. Most of your customer audience have Facebook accounts; you only need Facebook Ads to find them.

Exceptional Targeting Capabilities

Besides the different ad types such as Messenger ads, Photo carousel ads, lead ads, and video ads, the targeting capabilities you can achieve with Facebook are exceptional. You can target users based on their interests, gender, behaviors, age ranges, connections, location or even a particular yearly income range and more. The best part is, only potential customers will see and interact with your ads.

Custom Audiences

Remarketing on Facebook via custom audiences works wonders. This strategy captures the attention of people that have visited your website before and may be interested in what you are offering, allowing you to then target them after their visit to your site with a specific ad when they are back on Facebook. If you are using a loyalty program, then you can use your audience's phone numbers or email addresses to create a custom audience to reach with an ad as well.

How Do You Use Facebook Ads For Your Business?

1. Target potential customers

Facebook provides a variety of targeting options. You can target people in your geographical location or people who would be interested in your product. The easiest way to target potential customers is through Look-A-Like and custom audience targeting backed by a well-written copy.

With Look-A-Like targeting, you will find new customers that resemble your current customers. This saves time that you would have spent trying out other targeting options.

Your ideal audience size should be approximately 50,000 to 100,000 individuals.

2. Provide An Incentive

Most Facebook users will click an Ad when given a reason to do so; for instance, by providing incentives. Try using a coupon with engaging content to see how many people will converse and then probably make purchases.

3. Track Your Ads

After preparing your coupon landing page and ad, ensure that you keep track and take stats. Things will be simple if you use both Coupon App and Facebook Ads Manager. You will then be able to collect statistics on the number of conversions and Ad views.


Concluding should your business run Facebook ads. Yes, if you want to be better than your competitors, try Facebook advertising. You will not only see an increase in audience and followers, but you will also make valuable sales. Happy advertising!

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