Sworkit: Work Better, Live Better, Be Fit

January 31, 2015
Updated May 2018 It's early in 2015. Did you set some fitness goals for the year? One of the biggest roadblocks to fitness for the business person is time. Running a business takes a lot of time and if you're not careful it can creep in on other things in life, like health, fitness, and […]

8 iPhone Tricks and Tips + Bonus Siri Tips

January 27, 2015
The iPhone is one of the most-used and in-demand smartphone devices around the globe, and it has tools and iPhone tricks you have likely never used! It's become one of the standards for those wanting to text, use apps, and access the web on the go. Many companies have adopted it as the primary phone […]

Integrated Facebook Marketing

January 22, 2015
Facebook made more shifts at the beginning of January 2015 that can impact Facebook Pages. What should your business do going forward with your Facebook Marketing? I address this with my solution in this podcast episode: Integrated Facebook Marketing! Listen Now: [powerpress] Subscribe:  Halftime Mike on iTunes  | Android users via RSS  | Listen on Stitcher. What Changed on […]

How to Maintain your Privacy Online

January 21, 2015
I've always said that the web changes quickly.  The tools, methods, and capabilities of online tools never cease to evolve. One area that is really evolving is online ads and the technology behind them that tracks, learns, watches, and educates companies on your behavior online.  Yes, being anonymous online is not as easy as one […]

Content Curation and Web Traffic with Sniply

January 16, 2015
Advancements in technology happen all the time. When a "point of pain" is addressed with a new technology solution, it's always time for celebration.  I'm celebrating this new service, Sniply, for the pain point it solves for businesses using social media! is a service which allows you to have the power of social media […]

Online and Social Media Marketing for Small Business

January 15, 2015
How can you "up your game" online? What's a way to take your social media "to the next level"? In this episode I fly solo and dive into just that! Online and Social Media Marketing for Small Business The caveat here is that this is a unedited email I sent to an acquaintance. She's had […]

Change your Facebook Marketing to What Works Today

January 12, 2015
Is your Facebook marketing primarily centered around gaining new fans?  Are you looking at Facebook Reach as one of your primary measurements of Facebook success? If so, it's time to move on! The reality is that Facebook has changed and your marketing needs to change to be effective. It's time to change your Facebook marketing […]

Small Business Branding with Social Media

January 8, 2015
Can social media help you grow your small business? Do you need a "brand"?  What is a "personal brand" and can it help your business grow? This week I am joined by a special guest who answers "YES!" to each of those questions above! My guest, Jill Boudreau, is having some amazing business success!  She's […]

Clear, Easy Website Stats with Quill Engage

January 7, 2015
Online marketing is an essential part of every growing business. A key way to monitor success is by viewing website statistics. If the business doesn't have access to information about the visitors coming to their website, they're missing out on essential data important to growing the company. Google Analytics is a commonly used website statistics tool […]

How Facebook and Email Nurture Campaigns Work Together

January 6, 2015
“Be sure to like our Facebook page” is one of those phrases that can sometimes earn a business a hearty “yeah right.” That’s because, to some, the social network has been irritating as the visibility of posts by Pages has declined in the past year. Its changing privacy policies, complex algorithm changes and crackdown on […]

How to Remove Your Embarrassing Photos from Social Media

January 2, 2015
Have you ever had a friend snap some embarrassing photos and then tag you in the image on Facebook? How about an Instagram pic you wish wasn't there? What can you do? Not only is it humiliating to be embarrassed in front of friends and followers online, but it can also cause larger problems for you with […]

Building a Buyer Persona

December 26, 2014
Building a buyer persona is a great way to get an idea of your target market/ideal customer. By giving your persona a name and life, you can really drill down into what motivates them to purchase from you. Why target your buyer with a persona?  Website marketing is 2-5 times more effective Email click-through rates […]

2015 Online Marketing Trends you need to Know About

December 18, 2014
As 2014 winds down and we begin to look ahead it's important in the fast changing world of the web to stay nimble and be ready to adjust. Join me in this episode of the Halftime Mike podcast as I dive into the details you need to know for success online in 2015! It's all […]

Facebook Reach: Free Traffic is Still Possible says Kim Garst

December 11, 2014
Is free traffic on Facebook still Possible? Reach is down, are Ads the only way? Join me as I interview Kim Garst and she shows the way she is getting great engagement and free traffic! Kim is the Co-Founder and CEO of Boom! Social, a social media consulting and training company that helps small businesses […]

Google Search Shortcuts for Saving Time

December 7, 2014
I'm all about saving time! Being efficient is HUGELY important to me.  I'm definitely a GTD (Get Things Done) kinda guy and I love shortcuts to help me accomplish more faster. I've been stacking up some Google shortcuts and I thought it was about time to compile and share a few! Did you know that […]

Visuals in Social and Online Media: What You Must Do

December 4, 2014
  You know you need to use visuals in your social and online media right? Visuals in social and online media are critical! They draw skimmers in, they capture attention, and they communicate. Episode Topic: In this episode of the Halftime Mike podcast, Peg Fitzpatrick stops in to bring some spark and direction to the […]

Facebook Marketing Video Tip

November 26, 2014
  Facebook Marketing Video Tip Facebook is always making changes! It's a fact of life, and businesses wanting to market on Facebook need to get used to it and adapt. One of the changes they have made in the past few months is the importance of native video.  By this I mean videos loaded directly to […]

How to Choose the Right Images for Your Brand

November 25, 2014
We now know that visuals go a long way in getting our posts noticed and shared. But how do you choose the right images? What if you use and image that's not a cute baby or kitten? If you use an image that's not so appealing to the masses, will your content still get shared? Not as much. […]

SEO 101 for your Web Page

November 20, 2014
"Why doesn't my website come up in Google when you type the term <fill in blank with your product>??" If I had a dollar for every time I've been asked that, I'd be a wealthy man!  Every business wants to come up first, or at least on the first page when a search for their […]

Going Viral: What Types Of Content Are The Most Shareable?

November 18, 2014
Generally speaking, every marketer wants their campaigns to reach the largest possible audience. Moreover, getting content to “go viral” is one of the most common goals of most social media campaigns. That said, there are a few common denominators towards the types of posts that receive a significant amount of shares and strong sentiment (whether […]

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