SEO Tip: Titles Matter in Search

April 7, 2015
When it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies, your title is extremely important. If you don't have a compelling title, no one will click the post and read your great content. [Tweet "A well-written title will lure in readers, and it will act as a search engine keyword finder tool."] With all this in mind, […]

Facebook Changes Announced at Recent F8 - What You Need to Know

April 2, 2015
Facebook continues to evolve. Facebook change is a constant!  Are you keeping up?  Let me help! Facebook Changes Announced at F8: Listen Now: [powerpress] Subscribe:  Halftime Mike on iTunes  | Android users via RSS  | Listen on Stitcher. Facebook F8 Info and Tools: Facebook recently held their (mostly) annual F8 conference for developers.  This is where they talk about new […]

Advanced Facebook Marketing Tactics Webinar

April 1, 2015
Facebook has changed again! Like Gates are long gone and competition to be seen in the news feed is fierce. Is your business keeping up?  There is hope!  I hosted Dennis Yu and Josh Parkinson for a great live webinar event and you can benefit from our tips and tactics! Discover the latest leading edge […]

3 Key Social Marketing Takeaways

March 27, 2015
So if you could discover the most leading-edge social media tactics from some of the best in the business to improve your marketing online, you'd be in a pretty great spot, right? I had that opportunity at Social Media Marketing World 2015. With loads of sessions and respected leaders sharing, it was a smorgasbord of […]

ViralTag Marketing Platform for Visual Content

March 24, 2015
Social media has revolutionized the way businesses interact with their clients and attract potential customers. It has leveled the playing field as small start-ups now have the ability to compete directly with major corporations. Corporations do have the name recognition and deeper pockets for spending, but if a small to medium size business properly uses […]

Gmail Tricks and Tips

March 22, 2015
Every small business owner or marketing manager is regularly on the lookout for online tools that streamline the daily workflow and increase productivity. When it comes to achieving those goals, there seems to be no limit to Gmail’s ability to deliver. Try some of these great Gmail tricks and tips to help keep marketing objectives […]

How to Write Blog Post Headlines that Work

March 21, 2015
So you've got a content plan and your writing helpful blog posts regularly, GREAT! What would you say if I told you that perhaps 50% of your effort should go into your blog post title? Headlines matter BIG TIME. They really do! In this episode of Halftime Mike I dive into reviewing an Infographic from […]

Google Search Results Favor Mobile Friendly Sites

March 12, 2015
Mobile matters.  This is not simply an opinion, it's a reality! Google search results favor mobile friendly sites. If your website is not mobile-friendly expect your search ranking to do down because Google is making a BIG change. Details in this podcast episode of Halftime Mike!    Google Search to Favor Mobile Friendly Sites Listen Now: Subscribe:  Halftime […]

Your SEO Gameplan - What Works Online Today

March 11, 2015
Wanting to get more traffic to your website? How about growing more leads? Interested in what is important with SEO today and how you can improve growing leads with your website? Join me and discover the new SEO, what matters today, the big change from Google coming in April, and leave with a strategy for your […]

How Construction Businesses Can Use Houzz for Marketing

March 10, 2015
Houzz is a newer online platform that offers design and construction professionals a unique and targeted marketing opportunity. The site can appeal to any business that wants to showcase their projects, share information, gain leads, and find new ideas. In this article I'll dive into this design and construction online site and the ways a […]

What Questions do you have? Ask Halftime Mike!

March 9, 2015
Ok, I want some questions! My goal with the Halftime Mike podcast is to be relevant and helpful, giving you practical insights.  So, I really need to know a bit more about the pressing questions and issues you face related to: Social Media Marketing Facebook Marketing specifically Online Marketing Tech Tools It's pretty broad but […]

Facebook Ads vs Google Ads: What Works Best?

March 5, 2015
Facebook  Ads and Google Ads continue to evolve. It's not so much "if"you use them anymore, but "how", "when", and "which". Ads help drive traffic and grow leads when used properly.  With the rapid rise of Facebook Ads the question often is, "What works best, Facebook Ads or Google Ads?"  Facebook Ads vs Google Ads: […]

Optimizing Images for SEO

March 3, 2015
  Images are an essential part of social media! A reader will scan the image, subheadings, and bullet points to see if reading the post is a good use of the reader’s limited and valuable time. An image will draw the reader in, by giving the reader a "feel" for the post. Here's a Checklist […]

Mobile Apps: Do You Need a App or Mobile Website?

February 26, 2015
The mobile web continues to evolve and businesses must adapt! It's a fact that more and more people use smartphones and that website traffic is shifting from desktop to mobile dominated. Many times businesses see others with an App and wonder if they should have an app for their business. Do you need a App […]

Discovering the IFTTT Tech Tool

February 24, 2015
It’s hard to focus on social media marketing when trying to run a business.  Typically there's enough business needs and issues that newer marketing options can seem overwhelming or out of reach to manage. It’s harder still for small business owners to focus on marketing on multiple social media networks for their business without it […]

6 Email Marketing Best Practice Tips

February 19, 2015
Once you start capturing leads on your website and growing your email list, it's important that you have a great format in your email nurture campaigns on top of quality content. The best content in a email marketing series can get overlooked if the format (subject, content, links) is not helpful. What I see far too often […]

Local SEO on Google: What You Need to Know About Pigeon

February 17, 2015
Is your business optimized for local search and using Local SEO? How does local search in Google really work anyway? Let's dive a bit deeper into online tech today! My aim here will be to go into the intricate world of Google Search algorithms and breakdown what has changed and what you need to know […]

Be Uncommon: A Story of Rising Above

February 12, 2015
There's a lot of noise online, a lot of noise in life. I always talk about the need to be distinct, and unique, to cut through the noise and be seen. Here's a powerful story with tremendous life and business lessons about a young man who is distinct and is making great choices in the […]

What is Buzzsumo? And How Do I Use It?

February 10, 2015
Need tools for the best content ideas? Want to learn from competitor’s success? Content marketing has proven to be one of the best ways to help promote businesses both big and small. For a quick definition, it is providing resource-rich and helpful information on your company website, typically via a blog, on a consistent basis. […]

Facebook Call-to-Actions: What works Best?

February 5, 2015
Facebook just rolled out a new Call-to-Action (CTA) for Pages. Is it the best option? What other options are there? All this and more in this episode of Halftime Mike! Listen Now: Subscribe:  Halftime Mike on iTunes  | Android users via RSS  | Listen on Stitcher. How Facebook Call-to-Actions Work: A Call-to-Action is a lead generation method that marketers use […]

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