More Ways To Use Forms To Grow Your Business

More Ways To Use Forms To Grow Your Business

Web forms are not going to grow your business on their own. Web forms are just a tool to help you grow your business, but it is how such tools are used that will determine their overall success. You can have adverts run during the commercial breaks of the Super Bowl and soccer World Cup, but even those offer no guarantee that your business will grow. This article offers a few ways that you can use a service like Headlessforms to grow your business.

Warm Up Some Leads

You do this the same way you do it with email autoresponders and AI-chat bots. You gather information, you send automated responses, and you use them to warm up leads. That way, if you did it correctly, you have warm leads ready to buy when the user reaches a human and/or the product/service on sale. Setting up these systems isn't as difficult as it sounds. It is no different to offering your call center staff a script when they are direct selling. The scripts are pretty much the same, but it is auto-responders doing all the work.

Automate Your Support Systems

Support staff is often forced to deal with the same problems over and over again. Web forms can help alleviate some of that workload by tackling repetitive problems. The best example of this is when people need a password change. In the old days, you would have to email or call somebody at tech support and they would walk you through it. However, these days, you can do it all with a “Forgot your password” auto-emailer and a timed password-change link.

When you use web forms, all you need to do is offer solutions to common problems. Are people having the same problem loading past the starting screen with your app? Then have them pick their problem from the drop-down list/menu on your web form, and if they select that problem, then have a pop-up offer some advice on how to fix the problem. Or, if they pick that problem, then have the form send an auto-response email that offers several suggestions on how to fix the problem.

Upsell and Perhaps Cross Sell

This sort of thing isn't recommended unless it was planned from the start (such as when you entice people in with a loss leader and then upsell), or if your product is so popular that upselling attempts will not interrupt sales.

The thing about web forms and order forms is that you can offer people deals and upsells while they are entering the form. For example, as people enter the size of their room that they want carpeted, you can offer a thicker variety of the carpet for only a small increase in price. You can also cross-sell by giving them a quote for underlay for their specified room size.

Ask For Feedback on Purchased Items

The great thing about survey and feedback forms is that they actually work as great branding and customer loyalty tools. It doesn't matter what the people are saying, the very act of filling in the form can help solidify an idea that you placed in their mind.

For example, asking people to rate something out of five stars is very manipulative. If people think something is okay, they will often rate it as four or five, even if they only thought it was just okay. This is because people only tend to rate things low or average if they had a problem with the product. By asking them to rate the product, you are actually pushing them into “Deciding” if they like it, and you are forcing them to lean on the side of being positive.

It is a little like in school where you received a love note that said, “Do you like me” with the possible answers “Maybe”, “Super Yes” or “I Love You Lots” as the only possible responses. In addition, if the user does rate your products or services with a low score, you can use that as an opportunity to market to them a little harder in the future.

Use the techniques above and add forms to your website to grow your business and offer better communication options.

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