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GOSHEN, IN, - Mike Gingerich, a Web Technology and Internet Marketing Consultant for Digital Hill Multimedia, Inc., along with Troy Rumfelt, President of Digital Hill presented, "Web Marketing for Business" to business owners and Dealers of Borkholder Buildings in Nappanee, IN (Elkhart County) today.

The presentation was done at the invitation of Borkholder CEO, Dwayne Borkholder, and was designed to inform the Borkholder Dealer Network on the social, technological and business changes necessary to stay competitive today, with a focus on effective websites, Internet Marketing, and Social Media. The event was a follow-up to the successful launch of a new Borkholder website, New Energy Homes, a new division of Borkholder, which focuses on building Net Zero Green homes and buildings. New Energy recently opened a model Net Zero home in Nappanee, Elkhart County. Digital Hill built and launched the new website for this Elkhart County Manufacturer.

Below are slides from this Internet Marketing and Social Media Presentation:

[slideshare id=3554020&doc=borkholderdealermeetingwebslides-100325134323-phpapp01]

The one unique aspect of the presentation is that I was struggling mightily with laryngitis! I had lost my voice 2 days earlier and was struggling to be able to speak.  I tried to save my voice for that moment and then let loose.  I sounded like a raspy Rod Stewart!  I had to pass the baton halfway through to our company President, Troy Rumfelt, who capably carried the second half of the presentation!  What a day!

For over 12 years, Digital Hill Multimedia, Inc. has specialized in Web Design, E-Commerce, SEO, Web Hosting, Social Media, Flash, 3-D Animation, Web Application Development, and Internet Marketing and Promotion Strategies in Goshen, Elkhart County, Northern Indiana and throughout the country. They can be contacted at 1-888-537-0703 or

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