Interested In Becoming A Professional Planner For Special Events? Here Are Some Tips To Help You Out

Interested In Becoming A Professional Planner For Special Events? Here Are Some Tips To Help You Out

Becoming a professional planner for special events is a serious profession that comes with many challenges. A lot of people underestimate event organization simply because they don’t know much about it. If you simply dive into planning events without careful consideration of what you are getting into - you can end up making poorly planned events.

To put it simply, a professional event planner is someone who organizes an event and makes sure that all of its components flow smoothly. Aside from trying to satisfy all attendees of the events,  a professional event planner also needs to ensure that each of his or her partners is happy with the final outcome of the event.

The events you create as a professional come in many forms. It can include personal functions such as weddings, debuts, and birthdays. It also includes professional gatherings such as awards ceremonies, expos, and more.

If you’ve planned a small-scale event before, you probably know just how stressful it can be to organize one. Can you imagine how harder it would be to organize larger events? Here are some tips that can help you out if you want to begin life as a professional event planner.

Don’t Accept Major Events Immediately

We understand that it can be exciting to take on big events upon starting but this is a bad idea. You are basically setting yourself up for failure with your lack of experience. It’s always better to start slow and small when you are just new to the industry.

You should also avoid taking on projects that are short notice. Easy as it may be, event planning does require a lot of skill and patience. These are things you develop over time so try not to rush things. You wouldn’t want your first couple of events to be complete utter failures.

By small events, we are referring to things like office parties, birthday parties, and even business openings. As you accept and complete more events in the future, you’ll be able to accept major projects without having to feel nervous in any way.

Create Your Own Planning Theory

Each event planner has its own theory and practices when it comes to event organizing. Some prefer to organize the venue first while others focus on the design of the place where the event will be held. Find a planning concept that works for you. It doesn’t have to be unique. What’s important is that you are able to work with it well.

Becoming A Professional Planner For Special Events

Create your own planning concept by thinking about how you organize small functions before. Base your professional planning concept on what you’ve been used to and then adjust accordingly.

By working at your own pace, you’ll find better success in organizing an event. It’s fairly common for newcomers in the industry to do what others do though. Eventually, they incorporate their own set of techniques to make the job easier.

Limit Your Scope First

On the topic of the projects you accept, make sure to put a scope on what type of events you want to do. At least initially. Are you only doing birthdays? Office functions? Business-related events? Setting a limit on what you do will do wonders for your business and branding too.

Develop the experience and connections you need for that certain industry. Eventually, you can expand to doing other events but that should be a goal you’d want to set your eyes on for the future. Like the practice of planning an event, don’t rush being the best.

Start Building Connections

One of the most important aspects you need to work on if you are planning on becoming a professional event planner is your connections. You need to have contact with people from various fields. When the time comes that you need to organize an event, you can easily contact these people for help.

Some of the most important people you need to connect with are caterers, lights and audio providers, media personnel, and other people that can provide your needs.  Professionals for this can be found for all Nashville events.

Finding sources for certain event components usually takes a long time. As such, having contacts ready beforehand will allow you to process your event faster. Another perk with connecting with these types of people is that they can eventually give you discounts and promos the more you cooperate with them.

If you don’t have any problems with the people you connect with, make it a must to keep them close. Having trusted contacts in your phone books guarantees that you’ll be getting that much-needed help during emergency situations and last-minute event organization.

Incorporate Technology

It’s a lot easier to become an event planner as compared to what it was decades ago. Before the emergence of digital technology, you’ll have to solely rely on manual bookkeeping and organizing if you want to become an event planner. Now, you can have all of the details you need in your pocket.

Make sure to incorporate technology into your new venture. Use helpful tools like Microsoft Project, Google Drive, and many others. Tools like these make planning an event easier. If you can,  try to make all of your documents and solutions available on smartphone and desktop devices so it can be easily accessible wherever you are.

Document Your Progress

It’s a saturated industry that’s filled with a lot of fierce competitors and even tougher clients.  You can’t expect people to see you like the best event planner just because you say so. They’ll look for proof that you are worth hiring for their event which is why documentation is important.

Once you begin planning events, make sure to take photos and videos of what you do. What you’re doing is making your own portfolio that people can refer to just in case they are looking for proof that you are worth every penny.

Event planning is a tough but rewarding job. As with other professions, it does take getting used to at first. The tips we’ve shared are intended to help you grow as a professional event planner naturally and hopefully, you’ll find success in this new venture soon.

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