How to Protect Video Content: A Detailed Guide

How to Protect Video Content: A Detailed Guide

We live in a time of active technological development. The Internet is now quite a common thing. And many people think that everything available here can be used freely without consequences. On the one hand, it is true, most of the information is available in the public domain and the authors allow its usage. But what if we are talking about unique products? What if you have developed a project, which someone impudently pretends to pass off as his/ her own creation? To avoid such situations, let's talk about content and material protection, and figure out how to add a watermark to a video.

Why Protect Content From Theft?

The main purpose of content protection is to maintain uniqueness. If you are involved in text writing, video creation, graphic design, you know that search engines appreciate unique creations. They are loyal to platforms that publish original content and reward them with high positions. Plus, everyone values themselves. Who will want the work on which sat for more than a day just used and issued in the other authorship? Yes - no one.

Unfortunately, the situation where others allow you to just take someone else's work and pass it off as their own is quite common. The link to the original source is never provided, although this is a valid way to legally and properly use someone else's content.

Remember that content is the backbone of everything, the engine on which a web resource rides. It largely determines the results of website promotion. Usually, site owners say that it is impossible to protect the content from being copied. As they say, there are no appropriate tools. But now we will tell you how you can protect your texts and video content from being copied.

Top 6 Ways to Protect Content

Attach the logo 

This is one of the easiest and fastest ways to protect video content. It is suitable for those authors who regularly post videos and want to prevent others from copying them. Even if the video is stolen it will still link to the original source. Removing the logo from the video is problematic, so it is quite an effective way.

Protect the video with a license

Each author has the right to set his own rules for content use. In order to disallow copying and publishing your video on third-party resources, you can protect it with YouTube's standard license. It prohibits copying any kind of content (video, music, etc.). It is used by default for all videos.

Your appearance in the video frame

This method is useful for experts who make how-to videos. Typically, this format involves filming the process, with the author reading out the text behind the scenes. It results in useful and interesting content for subscribers, which is stolen at an extraordinary rate. If the author of the video is in the frame, it becomes much more difficult to steal it.

Protecting content with software 

You must have seen many websites where it is impossible to copy text, for example. They have web content protection in such a way that when you highlight text and try to call a context menu, nothing happens.

Adding a link  

It is another option of how to protect video content from copying, an experienced programmer will also be able to help you here. It just needs to make sure that when the content is taken from the pages the address of the page and a couple of words to indicate the page is added automatically. In most cases, a person who steals content simply does not notice the extra words and publishes the text as it is. There is another way to do it with linking.

Of course, the use of this method will not be able to protect the content of the site directly. Simply, the person is more likely to post links on your web resource along with the text. Thus, you can absolutely for free increase the external reference mass and get more traffic due to links in the text.

Using the website address in the text

This method also will not help protect the text content of the site but will indicate authorship. Use the company name, the author's name, the address of the online platform in the texts so that it fits in with the meaning and makes it clear who owns the content.

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The Watermark: The Purpose of its Use

A watermark is one of the most common ways to protect content. Adding a watermark is the process of applying a logo or a piece of text to a document, image, or video, which is especially important when it comes to copyright protection or the promotion of digital works.

There are several main reasons why you may need a watermark. On the one hand, watermarks help protect the copyright of your work by preventing someone from using or altering it without permission.

On the other hand, watermarks can simply be another form of branding. That way, you may be sure that after each publication of the work, your name or brand will display along with it.

Video Watermark: How To Put It On?

What your watermark will look like is up to you. It can be in the form of a logo, image, or text. It can be inconspicuous or appear clearly on a document or photo.

If you are adding watermarks to photos or videos that you intend to sell online, you can choose a semi-transparent watermark over the entire frame. It is important to remember that if your watermark is small and in the corner of the image, it can be cut out and someone is free to steal your content.

In order to protect your video content, using special programs is great. One of the most common and convenient is Visual Watermark. If you work with content protection, you probably know something about this application.

It is an excellent visual tool for protecting photos and videos with a watermark. The program is very easy to use and allows even users without experience to apply their own banner. This is through step-by-step instructions of the application and the presence of tips with descriptions of those or other features at each step of processing.

All you have to do is upload the content you want to protect, select one of the ready-made watermark templates, enter any text, edit if necessary, and save the result.

Visual Watermark is a natural, user-friendly, and fast way to watermark content. The software's package processing feature saves a lot of time. It is suitable for a pack of images. The simplicity and usefulness of this software are as good as many of its expensive analogs. The application also allows you to upload a previous watermark and enables extensive customization.

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