How to Create an Ebook for Website Email List Building

Having a lead capture plan for your website to grow your email list is critical.  Using a ebook as a tool is a good method for offering something of value.  Let's dive into the what, why, and how to create a ebook!

Is your website growing leads and building your email list?

One gap point on many websites is a clear strategy for lead capture.  In this episode, I dive in, explain, and outline how to create a ebook for website email list building.

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How to Create an Ebook as a Website Lead Capture Video

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How to Create an Ebook as a Website Lead Capture Opt-In Offer

When growing leads online or seeking to build your email list, the best way to increase subscribers is by offering something of value in exchange for their email address. This needs to be more than a basic "Sign up for our newsletter!" call to action. People have no idea what to expect from your newsletter. So even if it's full of valuable content, you need to offer more to get their email address.

There are many different options for an opt-in offer (soft lead capture), eBooks, white papers, free video webinars, coupons, etc., but an ebook is a very powerful option. As well, it is usually something you already have the majority of the copy for if you have been blogging regularly!

If you're ready to create your first ebook, check out our tips below.

1. Pick a In-Demand and Related Topic

Pick a topic that's relevant to your business. This is not a product information sheet but rather something that might be helpful for buyers pre-sale or to view how others are using your product successfully.  The key is that it offers value.  It's not your product but it helps the visitor and builds trust with you while showcasing your expertise.

What's something your target market would be interested in learning more about? What question do you get asked most? That's a great topic for your eBook.  It could be information they should be considering before they buy, how they can plan ahead, or how to maximize the product use after purchase.

For a digital marketing agency, an ebook about Facebook ads or creating a social media strategy are examples. A contractor might have an ebook about minor fixes homeowners can do themselves (setting themselves up as the "go to" for larger repairs and projects). A credit union might have an ebook about repairing your credit.

It's important to give away valuable information in your opt-in ebook, but not too much information that they don't buy from you.

2. Outline your Ebook Sections

Since ebooks are much longer pieces of content than a typical blog article, the best way to get started is by creating an outline. Write the main points you want to make and include a few bullets about each one.  The goal here is to think of a topic of value that you have already written about in various ways in individual blog posts.  Each blog post could be a section in the ebook.

For example, if a home remodeler has written blog posts on the following areas listed below, perhaps a topic for the ebook could be:  "Planning Guide for your Kitchen Remodel."

  • Spacing considerations in Kitchen renovation
  • New Technology Idea for your Kitchen
  • Counter options for Kitchen upgrades
  • Appliance innovations for Home Energy Savings
  • 7 Unique Flooring ideas for Durable Kitchen Floors

Each of these is a great blog post but together they can make a powerful ebook for someone thinking about a kitchen renovation project!  Since you have the content, you are 88% there!

The best way to outline your ebook is by dedicating a separate chapter to each subtopic, then cover each subtopic thoroughly.

3. Flesh out your Ebook points

Now write your ebook! Take the outline you've created, write your introduction, and flesh out each of your chapters, subheadings, and bullet points. Bring each post into a single document and then adjust, adapt, and add to make it a cohesive and evenly flowing ebook.

Be sure to create a unique summary that ties it all together.  As well, include a call-to-action to your products/services in your conclusion to let each of your new email subscribers know what next steps to take after reading your ebook.

4. Proofread and edit your ebook

Proofreading and editing anything you write is always crucial.

Sentences that may have made sense when you initially wrote them might need some cleanup after rereading them. Once you've finished writing, set it aside for a few days before coming back to edit. It's always a good idea to let it stew before revisiting it.  

Better yet, have someone else read through it to get another set of eyes on it.  If cost is not an issue, you can send it off to a professional editor to review as well.

5. Design your ebook

This can be one of the most difficult parts but also the most important.

You want your ebook product to be engaging and compelling. It requires more design than a regular blog post. You want to make it easy to read and aesthetically pleasing. Don't slap a bunch of words onto a Microsoft Word document and export it as a PDF.

Here's a great tool to create your own eBook,  There are also great ebook designers on Fiverr.  It is better to have more white space and images than to have too much text slammed together!  It should NOT look like a college term paper!  More like a Powerpoint Presentation with substance.

Once you've finished your design, export it as a PDF, and you're ready to get started increasing email subscriptions with your new ebook opt-in offer. Create a pop-up on your website asking for name and email and outlining the offer, and a landing page that includes a thank you and link to download the eBook for new subscribers.


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