Facebook Updates and Instagram Updates for September 26th

Facebook Updates and Instagram Updates for September 26

Every time I turn around one of the social media networks is making changes and adding upgrades!  I never run out of new things to write about in social media marketing! H\

Here are the bigger changes for the past couple of weeks.

Facebook Updates

Facebook Adds New Tags to Facebook Messenger

To help businesses Facebook is add several new tags for Facebook Messenger. They’re making Messenger smarter and easier to collect payments and manage accounts.

Add the tag, payment_update and send your customer a receipt or let them know about a refund.


Save time and manage client's account through Facebook Messenger where they first contacted you. This streamlines communication.

Facebook Removes 4 Ad Targeting Options

Facebook has had some issues in the past with people using some demographic fields to target ads for hate groups. In response, Facebook has removed 4 ad-targeting options, education, employment, field of study and job title.


This only applies to new campaigns, not ads create in the past. If you use these demographic fields in your ad creation you will not be able to use them now. But I’m sure Facebook will find a way to replace these fields shortly.

This is big for marketers because we used job title a load in targeting.  Hopefully, an alternative comes soon!

Facebook Collection Ad Will Mirror Print Catalogs

Back in March Facebook introduced Collection Ads a full-screen mobile only shoppable ad format. Now they’ve added new options for these ads, the look of a print catalog in an interactive digital format.


These ads now look more like the brand's website. So your customers will have a seamless experience between purchasing from your Facebook collection ads and being on your website. Combine these ads with Facebook Messenger Payments and customers don’t need to leave Facebook to make a purchase.

Instagram Updates

Now Video Autoplays Sound Once It’s Turned On Until You Leave the App

Autoplay video can be soo annoying! But Instagram has, most likely, solved this issue. Their newest update will play videos with the sound off until you tap the speaker icon. From that point on all other videos will autoplay. Tap the speaker icon again to turn the sound off. Close the app and the autoplay resets and is off until next time you open the app.


Pretty smart compromise on Instagram’s part. Have you seen this on Facebook yet?

Lots of changes, just like every week. Will any of these impact your business?

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