Facebook Changes, Instagram New Features, YouTube Stories: Social Media Updates

Christmas is just over a week away! Here are some of the latest social media updates you should know about through December 13, 2018.

Share Collections On Facebook

Facebook is rolling out a new feature which allows users to share a collection of posts, videos, Marketplace listings or ads. This new feature is perfect for sharing gift ideas, to plan an event, and to share a collection of your best Facebook posts to your fans.

Why It Matters:

Sharing a collection of your top products, tutorials, recommendations, or other posts makes it easier for your customers to find and view a campaign. You can create your own collections or you can invite others to collaborate.  It’s a win for marketers. Watch for it rolling out.

Share Instagram Stories With Close Friends

Instagram is rolling out the ability to share Stories with specific close friends. To do this, Instagram has a new feature called ‘close friends list’ in the Stories area where you can add friends to this list. The list will show up under as a green badge on Stories, so when you want to share an Instagram story with your close friends you tap the green badge icon.

Why It Matters:

The new features allow for you to share more personal moments with a smaller group of users and this way they get to see your updates.  Marketers could have a “VIP” group of “close friends” and share specific content or offers just to that group. It’s a way to build a deeper connection with your most raving fans.

YouTube Stories For Creators

Youtube is launching Stories for creators. It appears they’ve seen this “Story” concept be popular on other platforms (haha!) and decided to copy it.  This is similar to Instagram stories but has a few differences like the stories last seven days, appear for subscribers and non-subscribers, and creators can respond to fans that interact with their stories. Right now Stories are only available for channels in the Youtube Partner Program.

Why It Matters:

Most social media platforms have added a version of stories and have seen active use of the feature. It is a great way to engage with fans and develop a deeper connection, instead of just through comments. If you are eligible for YouTube Stories you’ll want to experiment with this.  For the rest of us, it should be a matter of time and we’ll have the option as well.


Upload LinkedIn Documents To Posts

Linkedin has launched a new feature giving users the ability to upload slideshows, PDF’s, documents and more on your LinkedIn profile, group, or company page.

Why It Matters:

Sharing your content can drive more discussions and engagement, and you can showcase files you made or presentations you have given.  This is a big win for marketers to go deeper and share more resource-rich content on Linkedin. Be creative in ways you can share information to drive users to even more content on your website.  In the words of Gary V, “Think jab, jab, then hook.” It’s another “jab” opportunity!


That’s all for now! We will see you after the holidays for more Social Media Updates!

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