Elijah Norton Veritas Global Protection Shares Valuable Insights For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Elijah Norton Veritas Global Protection Shares Valuable Insights For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Elijah Norton, President and Executive Chairman of Veritas Global Protection, an industry leader in the Vehicle Service Industry in the U.S., recently spoke with DotCom Magazine. In the course of the interview, Mr. Norton spoke in length on a number of different things including his business strategies; the ways to grow and remain competitive in business; and especially, his own business ethics that has helped him establish himself as a leading and prominent figure in the VSC industry in less than a decade of operations.  

Elijah Norton Veritas Global Protection: Innovation is Key

When asked about the one factor that has propelled him to success in such a short time, Mr. Norton's reply was: 'innovation.' He maintained that in order to separate itself from its competition, a business must always look for ways to provide a better user experience to its customers and this can only be accomplished when the business in question 'constantly strives to innovate and come up with new and better products for its clients. 

In this connection, the successful entrepreneur added that it is imperative for all business owners that they keep abreast of everything pertaining to their business and industry. One must constantly monitor the market and the competition and must always keep up with one's efforts to evolve. This, and only this, Mr. Norton emphasizes, can help a business stay ahead of its competitors. 

Advice for aspiring Entrepreneurs

Elijah Norton also had valuable suggestions to share for aspiring entrepreneurs. His biggest advice to all such individuals was that one must be patient. Success doesn't come overnight and one must not expect miracles when starting out on a business enterprise. Ingenuity, creative thinking, intelligent decision-making as well as a bit of luck---all of these do play important roles in making a startup a success. However, as Mr. Norton maintained, there are no alternatives to hard work and constant effort and as such, all aspiring entrepreneurs must brace themselves for the grind and tough times, at least in the initial phase, before they can hope to see any success worthy of mention. 

The would-be entrepreneurs may also gain valuable insights from Elijah Norton's business practices---in terms of his business values as well as the way he manages the practical side of his business. Talking about the latter, Elijah stressed the importance of having a great team that values teamwork and community. This makes for a healthy environment inside the organization and to a great extent, takes away the stress that inevitably comes from working day after day in a highly competitive business environment. 

This is why, Elijah says, that he is very particular when hiring a person for any position. Unless he is absolutely certain that he is indeed hiring the right person, he will rather hire no one at all, no matter how pressing the need, the entrepreneur added. 

Learn from Setbacks

As for setbacks, Elijah's take was that setbacks are part of the whole game and one should keep an open mind when met with setbacks or difficult challenges. In fact, he says that setbacks and challenges actually help him goad himself to further explore ways in which he can and innovate and improve his business.

Business Philosophy

Finally, when it comes to his business philosophy, Elijah says that the set of values that sets his business apart from the competition include transparency, responsiveness, honesty, and accessibility. This is why he puts the utmost importance on building a great customer support team. As he puts it simply enough---without customers, there is no business! Mr. Norton maintains, all businesses must always strive to provide maximum possible customer satisfaction. And only this can guarantee long-term success for any business organization.

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