6 Elements To Focus On For Your 2022 Website Redesign

6 Elements To Focus On For Your 2022 Website Redesign

Technology continues to develop over time, and with it, so do website design trends. The design elements and previously innovative features are now out of date. If you want your website to stay in line with the current design trends, it might be time to consider a 2022 website redesign. You don't want your visitors to turn away since your website looks outdated or fails to keep up with the crucial standards.

If you're planning to give your website a new look while making the necessary improvements in the overall user interface, checking out reliable web design services providers such as Oxford web design and others would be a good starting point.

Certain aspects of web design that'll always be standard include data security, user-friendly navigation, and fast loading times. However, it would be best to prioritize keeping your website at the forefront in design and search engines by incorporating some of these innovative website designs and features. Here are some elements to prioritize on your website redesign this 2022.

1. Vibrant Color  

In the coming year, you'll welcome it with a blast of color. One of the prominent web design trends is no other than color. The trend is all about bright, bold, saturated colors to help your brand stand out from the usual neutral colors in websites in the past years.  

It's best to consider a color combination that doesn't overwhelm the eye. Don't forget to create a blend of bold color with minimalism and organic shapes.  

2. More Focus On User Experience And User Interface  

In any website, the user experience should be smooth, seamless, and engaging in 2022. One of the crucial web design standards is ultra-fast loading time. Rapid loading times will always be a priority for websites, especially if your objective is to rank well and enjoy better conversions.   

After clicking on a link, a website should load in less than two seconds. Visitors will likely leave if it takes longer than three seconds for your website to load.   

Aside from the fast-loading pages, your site should have minimal clutter, offer relevant search engine optimization (SEO) content and multimedia.   

You should boost your website's overall user experience and user interface by providing straightforward content and easy-to-use interfaces.   

Don't forget that mobile browsing will only grow in popularity so a 2022 website redesign is important to consider. Expect it to climb again next year, thanks to increased traffic from mobile devices. If you want your website to stay up-to-date in 2022, all the crucial elements should be readily accessible on desktop and mobile devices to ensure the best user experience.  

3. Chatbots 

Over the years, chatbots have been gaining popularity and will continue to be on-trend in 2022. Chatbots are becoming a norm in managing simple customer service inquiries and personal shopping as machine learning and artificial intelligence become more advanced.

Incorporating chatbots in your site will provide a positive experience for your visitors and save your business the extra costs of hiring customer support. 

4. White Space   

When it comes to website design, expect to see a lot of white space and minimalism. Integrating white space into your website design helps users navigate your site, moving from one piece to the next while generating a visual hierarchy that eliminates any distraction. The white area provides a break for visitors' eyes to relax. 

Proper white space use also enhances understanding by clarifying the relationships between page elements. Visitors will observe two parts independently if they're sufficiently separated.

6 Elements To Focus On For Your 2022 Website Redesign

5. Background Videos  

Videos play an essential role in your website since you can easily share information about the products or services you're offering.  

If you have videos that play automatically in the background, it can impart a lot of intrigue to a page. It can serve as a way to share a story while significantly reducing the amount of other content necessary to explain what your business is all about.  

An example is a video on your homepage that starts to play automatically in the background. When visitors click the play button, they get a closer look at what the company is all about. The background video is an excellent technique to persuade people to click through and engage on your site longer.  

Deciding to include a video on your site is an advantage. Videos allow visitors to learn the critical points of your business better, especially those who find it a hassle to read blocks of texts. 

6. Micro Animation  

Micro animation is very useful in guiding users while interacting with your site. They also impart a touch of fun as visitors explore your website.   

Although micro animations have been gaining popularity in recent years, most are using them organically.  

Final Thoughts  

In 2022, expect the website design trends to be more streamlined, vibrant, eye-catching with a mix of animation and video to ensure the best user experience. Once you decide to redesign your website, consider it a good decision since it can positively impact your brand and revenue.

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