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Important Things To Think About Before Starting A Company

October 10, 2021
Taking Early Decisions Wisely Can Help To Ensure Continuous Business Growth When it comes to starting your own company, there are several factors that you need to research in advance. There are product/service-related factors like researching the competition, understanding your target audience, and so on. Financially, you will need to map out how you will […]

Starting out in Event Planning? Here are Tips that Work!

October 2, 2021
Covid 19 is a force to reckon with even now but you know well that life has to move on. Therefore, postponing your plans for setting up a new business is not fair anymore. Since the world has gotten back upon its feet, you need to take those dreams by the collar and start implementing […]

Useful Tips For Starting Your Own Construction Business

September 1, 2021
Starting and running your own construction business is the dream of many entrepreneurs who want to not only become wealthy, but mostly want to be able to run and operate their own company as the boss, making the majority of the decisions, and like being in control. There is a great deal of freedom that […]

Top 5 Tips on Choosing an SEO Agency for Entrepreneurs

September 1, 2021
Choosing the right SEO agency for entrepreneurs can be the difference between success or having zero presence on the internet. With the increasing importance of online marketing, it's essential to work with a company that feels invested in your success. But, how do you find a digital marketing company that puts your needs first and helps […]

Niche Mobile Apps like Swimply – The “AirBnB for Pools”

August 19, 2021
Mobile apps have exploded in the app stores in the past 2 years and yet each month brings about even more new innovations.  From cars, to motorcycles, and now to pools, niche apps for rentals and experiencing are popping up everywhere!  In this podcast I talk about the trends for niche apps, the emerging industries, […]

The Best Hobbies for Busy Entrepreneurs

August 12, 2021
Everyone needs to have hobbies that they can enjoy in their free time. Hobbies are how you switch off, have fun and improve your overall wellbeing, so they are particularly important for people that have stressful jobs. Unfortunately, entrepreneurs often struggle when it comes to hobbies because the business takes up so much time and […]

The 12 Best Online Business Ideas

August 9, 2021
It’s never been easier to start an online business. Pretty much anyone can make a website, and the technical side of digital marketing is becoming easier to understand. The benefits of starting a business online are pretty obvious - you can start it from your own home, you don’t need to make money immediately, and […]

What You Need To Start a Home-Based Business: 5 Tips To Get Started

August 5, 2021
New estimations tell us that, by 2025, over 70% of professionals will be working remotely. So, if you have started to think about starting one and what it takes to start a home-based business, you are certainly not the only one! At the same time, millions of employees have changed careers during the pandemic - […]

6 Profitable Home Based Business Ideas You Can Start Today 

July 17, 2021
The world is ever-changing, the global pandemic has changed the way most of us think about the way we work. If you want to build wealth and create financial freedom for yourself and your family, a home-based business is a good place to start. You can start working from home with minimal capital and you […]

5 ways to make money with your car

July 16, 2021
Who does not want to make money? Some of us might not escape the thought of making money, even while we sleep. Such is the power of the green. While there are numerous ways to make money from various different jobs, if you already have a car, have you considered turning it into a source? […]

Top 4 Mistakes Many Entrepreneurs Make and How To Avoid Them

June 22, 2021
Being an entrepreneur is not an easy job by any means, and people do not start a business expecting smooth sailing from the start. From the time you started thinking about starting a  company until the time you opened the doors, you have already put in countless amounts of hours doing paperwork, getting certifications, and […]

7 Pro Tips to Create a Profitable Interior Design Business

June 15, 2021
When thinking about profitable and successful business niches, some people don’t naturally assume that interior design is one of them. Yet, it’s a marked reportedly worth a whopping $40.7 billion in the United States alone! Interior design is a service industry where businesses have clients from all walks of life, ranging from celebrities and high […]

Checklist and Resource Guide on How to Set-Up a Coffee Shop

April 26, 2021
Owning any kind of business can be tricky, especially if you don’t know the tricks of the trade, and the same goes for all catering facilities. Among them are coffee shops where you will always have a lot of competition among other difficulties that come with this profession. The following article will provide you with […]

Everything You Need To Know About Forming Your Own Company

April 24, 2021
Thinking of forming your own company? The whole process can be exciting, scary, and tedious all at once. Starting a company is no child’s play, it involves a lot of processes, strategic development, legal requirements, as well as documentation that can all seem overwhelming. It's quite normal if you are still uncertain about how to […]

Tips to Consider When Going Out for a Walk with a Dog: Dog Walker Guide

April 24, 2021
Going out for a walk with a dog as a dog walker can be exciting. If you love dogs, you won’t mind taking care of other people’s pets. It’s a relaxing job, and you also make money doing it. Before you head out for a walk, these are the things you need to remember. Get […]

Poker and Entrepreneurship: How Similar Are They?

April 19, 2021
There are many similarities between poker and entrepreneurship, with LinkedIn even promoting poker as a must for any entrepreneur. Both poker and entrepreneurship are high risk for a potentially high reward, and many skills from poker apply to entrepreneurship, and vice versa. What is the crossover? 1. Odds are never zero It is estimated that […]

Interested In Becoming A Professional Planner For Special Events? Here Are Some Tips To Help You Out

April 15, 2021
Becoming a professional planner for special events is a serious profession that comes with many challenges. A lot of people underestimate event organization simply because they don’t know much about it. If you simply dive into planning events without careful consideration of what you are getting into - you can end up making poorly planned […]

How to Open a Coffee Business in Just a Few Easy Steps

April 10, 2021
Do you want to start your own business? Of course, you do. Who doesn’t? Having a coffee business of your own has many benefits. It can give you financial independence and creative freedom, as well as personal satisfaction.  That is especially true if you want to open a café. You get to choose what the […]

3 Simple Business Ideas During The Pandemic

April 1, 2021
Many people have been left jobless or struggling with their businesses during the pandemic. The effects of the lockdown and the worsening virus situation has led many people become hopeless of the condition. However, even while staying at home and remaining protected from the virus, there are some excellent simple business ideas that you could […]

Tips to Help You Become a Successful Entrepreneur

March 29, 2021
For anyone that has a great business idea and has a dream of being their own boss, venturing out to start takes smarts and a strategy to become a successful entrpreneur. While there is a lot of opportunity for success when you are an entrepreneur, it also comes with risks that should be properly assessed. […]

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