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Everything You Need To Know About Forming Your Own Company

April 24, 2021

Thinking of forming your own company? The whole process can be exciting, scary, and tedious all at once. Starting a company is no child’s play, it involves a lot of processes, strategic development, legal requirements, as well as documentation that can all seem overwhelming. It's quite normal if you are still uncertain about how to […]

Tips to Consider When Going Out for a Walk with a Dog: Dog Walker Guide

April 24, 2021

Going out for a walk with a dog as a dog walker can be exciting. If you love dogs, you won’t mind taking care of other people’s pets. It’s a relaxing job, and you also make money doing it. Before you head out for a walk, these are the things you need to remember. Get […]

Poker and Entrepreneurship: How Similar Are They?

April 19, 2021

There are many similarities between poker and entrepreneurship, with LinkedIn even promoting poker as a must for any entrepreneur. Both poker and entrepreneurship are high risk for a potentially high reward, and many skills from poker apply to entrepreneurship, and vice versa. What is the crossover? 1. Odds are never zero It is estimated that […]

Interested In Becoming A Professional Planner For Special Events? Here Are Some Tips To Help You Out

April 15, 2021

Becoming a professional planner for special events is a serious profession that comes with many challenges. A lot of people underestimate event organization simply because they don’t know much about it. If you simply dive into planning events without careful consideration of what you are getting into - you can end up making poorly planned […]

How to Open a Coffee Business in Just a Few Easy Steps

April 10, 2021

Do you want to start your own business? Of course, you do. Who doesn’t? Having a coffee business of your own has many benefits. It can give you financial independence and creative freedom, as well as personal satisfaction.  That is especially true if you want to open a café. You get to choose what the […]

3 Simple Business Ideas During The Pandemic

April 1, 2021

Many people have been left jobless or struggling with their businesses during the pandemic. The effects of the lockdown and the worsening virus situation has led many people become hopeless of the condition. However, even while staying at home and remaining protected from the virus, there are some excellent simple business ideas that you could […]

Tips to Help You Become a Successful Entrepreneur

March 29, 2021

For anyone that has a great business idea and has a dream of being their own boss, venturing out to start takes smarts and a strategy to become a successful entrpreneur. While there is a lot of opportunity for success when you are an entrepreneur, it also comes with risks that should be properly assessed. […]

How To Make Your Startup Successful in a Few Easy Steps!

March 16, 2021

Every entrepreneur can feel a little intimidated by all the challenges that come with putting your business ideas into action. After all, that fear is one of the main reasons why many people give up on investing in their very own startup. Creating something from scratch is never an easy thing to do, especially when […]

3 Secret Ways To Make Your Small Business Successful

March 16, 2021

More than 600,000 new businesses open in the U.S. every year. 45% of them fail in their first five years. That’s a harsh statistic that no one wants to be a part of, and luckily you don’t have to be. There are three secret ways to make your small business successful. Recruit Top Talent The […]

How to Plan a Launch Event for Your Small Business or Start-up

March 10, 2021

A launch event is a fabulous way to showcase your new start-up venture and introduce your business name to the market. The basics are simple. Host a small party and invite your target market. The press coverage and social media following a business receives as a result more than pays for the cost of the […]

Top Ways Entrepreneurs Can Master Their Time At Work

March 1, 2021

When it comes to resources, you need to have as much money as possible to ensure your business doesn’t end up failing. However, cash isn’t the only currency worth keeping in your pocket. The Covid-19 pandemic, for example, has highlighted the need to strike a balance between work and life. It's critical that entrepreneurs can […]

5 Steps to Grow a Small Business into Big Business

February 26, 2021

Are you wondering how to grow a small business into a big and thriving business? It’s a great goal to have, one that can change your life and help you reach all of your business goals.  While having a small business can be profitable, most business owners dream of growing their business into a more […]

8 Essentials For Every Small Business

February 23, 2021

The internet and the digital marketing space have made it easier for prospective entrepreneurs to put their ideas into action. Whether you’re using the web to learn new ideas or as a way of marketing your products, there’s no denying the fact that modern innovation plays a vital role in start-ups. But even with the […]

4 Commonly Held Misconceptions Surrounding Entrepreneurship

February 22, 2021

Do you want to become a successful entrepreneur like David Walsh Bronxville native? You are not alone. America, land of freedom and dreams, where you are supposed to be able to accomplish anything you can imagine through a combination of grit and hard work, is filled with others who share your aspirations. With these many potential business […]

Top Tips for Aspiring Entrepreneurs 

February 18, 2021

Many people have aspirations of becoming an entrepreneur and starting their own business. This does not have to be purely a dream, as anyone can start a business, and this is one of the most rewarding things that you can do in life, especially if your business goes on to find great success. Of course, […]

Elijah Norton Veritas Global Protection Shares Valuable Insights For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

February 18, 2021

Elijah Norton, President and Executive Chairman of Veritas Global Protection, an industry leader in the Vehicle Service Industry in the U.S., recently spoke with DotCom Magazine. In the course of the interview, Mr. Norton spoke in length on a number of different things including his business strategies; the ways to grow and remain competitive in […]

7 Online Startup Ideas for Creative People

February 17, 2021

Seeing how successfully the online business market is growing, it is hard not to notice the potential in this sphere. Therefore, more and more inspired people quit their regular jobs and use one of these online startup ideas to start an online business of their own. More to it, even as the online market has […]

How to Start a Home-Based Business in Washington

February 16, 2021

A home-based business can be ideal in this time of the pandemic. Aside from that, it follows the country’s safety measures and regulations in quarantine, and it allows you to easily manage your niche anytime. If you are living in the state of Washington, you've got an ideal location to start a home-based business due […]

The Benefits Of Outsourcing Marketing And Creative Needs For Your Small Business

February 13, 2021

Suppose you are only in the starting blocks as an entrepreneur; outsourcing can benefit your business dramatically. As a small startup, there are some targets your team may not be ready to take on. Therefore, looking for external professional skills may be the solution for you to prompt growth, save a small fortune on expenses, […]

How Small Businesses Can Recover in 2021

February 13, 2021

2020 was an incredibly challenging year for many small business owners. It's even worse for people who decided to launch their business last year. The lack of economic activity due to the health crisis took a toll on small business owners. Instead of dwelling on the past, it might be time to look at ways […]

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