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PPC Reseller: 5 Tips To Win More Customers

May 11, 2022
Becoming a reseller for an online PPC (pay-per-click) business can be a great opportunity, especially if you know what to look for. You can take someone else's successful business model and tweak it to appeal even more specifically to your target audience or region. However, this is something you need to make sure you do […]

5 Things That Can Skew Your Web Analytics

May 10, 2022
Web analytics can be useful for monitoring your website traffic and forming new digital marketing strategies. However, you do need to be careful when interpreting this data as not all of it may be accurate or useful. Below are just some of the ways in which web analytics can be skewed, resulting in misleading stats, […]

The Top 10 Mistakes New Content Marketers Make

May 10, 2022
As digital content continues to explode in volume and complexity, businesses find more reasons to invest in content marketing. Creating and promoting valuable content is one of the most effective ways to connect with customers and build an audience.  According to Demand Metric’s 2016 report, successful B2B companies spend almost a third of their marketing […]

6 Things To Do To Successfully Use Social Media For Advertising

May 8, 2022
Social media is an incredibly powerful tool for businesses looking to reach and engage with potential customers. With billions of users worldwide, social platforms provide an unparalleled opportunity for companies to connect with their target audiences and build their brands online. Yet there are certain keys to successfully use social media for advertising. Successfully using […]

Best Multiplatform SEO Agencies 2022 

May 6, 2022
Most of us are familiar with the term SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Times have changed, however, and it’s no longer good enough to merely focus on improving the quantity and quality of internet traffic to your website from the major search engines. To meet the challenges of a new era, an approach called multiplatform […]

Why Different Content Should Be Created For Individual Social Media Platforms

April 29, 2022
Why is it important to create different content tailored to each social network? Simply, because they are different. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Tik Tok, are different social networks and therefore need content optimized and adapted to each platform. Would you like to log on to each social network and see the same thing over […]

4 Things To Ask Before Planning A Digital Marketing Strategy

April 21, 2022
Digital marketing is the branch of advertising that uses various online platforms and digital technologies. This component allows organizations to promote their brands, engage with their customers, and attract new leads. Without planning a digital marketing strategy, entrepreneurs might undermine the demand for their online services. Creating a digital marketing strategy plan enables you to […]

7 Social Media Metrics you should track

April 19, 2022
In this article, we will explore the importance of social media metrics. We will discuss how to measure social media metrics and how to use them for your business. Social media is a powerful tool for businesses and organizations. It gives them the opportunity to reach out to their customers, market their products, share information […]

Digital Marketing Strategies For Non-Techies: How To Get Started

April 18, 2022
Since the inception of the first digital ad in 1994, many companies have shifted to using the world wide web in building brand awareness, recognition, and loyalty. The internet has become the playground for advertisements, product launches, and digital soirees, especially now that more than half of the world is on social media. The United […]

Digital Marketing Ideas That Can Help Your Brand To Gain Limelight

March 14, 2022
In today's world, digital marketing is the key to making your brand popular. If you also want your brand to be famous around the world, look at the strategies adopted by the big brands when it comes to digital marketing. It helps them enhance their return on investment and bring value to their customers. Here […]

Why Digital Marketing Is Important & How To Choose An Agency

March 14, 2022
No matter what type of business you are running and no matter which industry you are in, we can all agree on one thing. Every company in the world needs marketing. That is a rather broad term, however, but we can narrow it down even further. Especially, because there is no doubt in anyone’s mind […]

How to Improve Your Digital Presence as a Business

March 7, 2022
In the modern age, all businesses need to have a strong digital presence if they want to connect to customers and compete with other companies in the marketplace. While more traditional marketing methods are still viable today, the majority of consumers will use search engines to discover new brands, products, and services. Thus, not having […]

4 Tips For Creating Relevant And Compelling Content

February 28, 2022
In today's digital world, businesses must invest in their content marketing strategy efforts. Since many people browse the internet to search for specific information, your business should have relevant and engaging content to attract and turn frequent browsers into loyal customers. Whether you have a website or social media platforms, your content should promote greater […]

Social Media and Email Marketing - Dual Strategy to Keep Customers Engaged

February 23, 2022
Digital marketing is a blend of different marketing channels. You do not have to stick to a single marketing channel to engage your customers. Instead, use them together to get good returns. Taking an all-inclusive approach in your digital marketing is what is trending. Social media and emails are two essential parts of digital marketing. […]

How to Increase Digital Customer Engagement

February 16, 2022
Digital is everything right now. Even if you run a brick-and-mortar business, the fact is that your customer is going to be mostly online. Engaging and connecting with digital customers is key for your business’s future success, and in 2022, engagement is easier than ever. We took a look at some of the ways that […]

Developing a Data-Driven Content Strategy: Crucial Steps

February 14, 2022
Whether you are an owner of a big enterprise or a small business, a proper strategy should be on the top in your marketing. It will be a significant improvement of your content performance and the main goal (response of the target audience) will yield more results. Developing a content strategy is essential for every […]

How To Nail Content Syndication For Better SEO Results

February 2, 2022
Content is the cornerstone of an effective online presence. It has become a critical element for pretty much every business website. So, you work hard to write exceptional SEO-optimized content to post on your blog and social media pages. Then, you add backlinks to it so that it can bring traffic and push your site […]

How to Utilize Personalization in Advertising Online

February 1, 2022
Personalization can improve marketing efficiency, and increase revenue. Here are four strategies for personalization in advertising online.

The Best SMS Text Messaging Services

January 27, 2022
SMS marketing has exploded in recent years as marketers seek to reach more people, more directly. And, why not, when more than 3.8 billion people own and carry a smartphone in 2022 and it has only increased in 2023? That’s about 48.33% of the global population or the entire adult population (18 years or older).  […]

Is It Better to Create Evergreen Content or Cover Trending Topics on Your Blog?

January 26, 2022
Do you want to step up your blogging game this year? Having a blog can be a great way to help with your business’s SEO strategy. It can help to build your authority in the industry and be a way to optimize your website and move up on Google SERPs. Something you are going to […]
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