Digital Marketing Strategies For Non-Techies: How To Get Started

Digital Marketing Strategies For Non-Techies: How To Get Started

Since the inception of the first digital ad in 1994, many companies have shifted to using the world wide web in building brand awareness, recognition, and loyalty. The internet has become the playground for advertisements, product launches, and digital soirees, especially now that more than half of the world is on social media.

The United States has the largest market share of digital marketing globally, with revenues reaching USD$190.4 billion in 2021. No wonder tech giants have invaded the world wide web and dominated people's consciousness through social media. Currently, there are 17 social media platforms on the world wide web. About 4.62 billion people are active, comprising approximately 58.4% of the global population. Half of the world's population is on the internet and spends an average of two and a half hours on it a day.

People use the internet in a lot of ways. To get entertained, connect with others, socialize, and buy something. On Instagram alone, about 40% of users buy products weekly. This is the reason many SMEs try their best to build their brand there.

Using the internet and social media can give your brand the needed lift and become the stage to showcase your products to the world. However, you need to understand that you need to have the right skills to accomplish this.

If you're a non-techie, but you’d like to hit the ground running with digital marketing, you may explore top-rated branding agencies that offer stellar services so that SMEs like you can flourish in a short time. Or you may follow these strategies to get you started:

1. Set Your Brand Goals

Every novice marketer knows that setting a goal is the first step to realizing your business objectives. You can carve a path to reach that goal more effectively when you have a plan in mind.

It’ll also help if you set a SMART goal, a goal that is specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-sensitive. This way, you're not setting yourself up for failure, but the opposite.

2. Identify Your Buyer Persona 

A deep understanding of your buyer persona will give your marketing efforts more direction. Your business will more likely thrive if you reach out to the right people.

A buyer persona represents your ideal customers based on data and research you most likely already have when doing research and development on your product.

A buyer persona is a semi-fictional character you develop to build a specific segment of your customer base. It's essential to create a persona so that you can understand what drives a customer to buy from you.

buyer persona

Say your product is homeschooling materials; naturally, your buyer persona is a stay-at-home mom who homeschools her kids. When do these moms buy online?

Imagine a scenario at home with a busy mom. They can only hold their phones after they're done with chores, usually after dinner. So, it's best to get your ads live at this time or your related posts so they can view them.

3. Research Trends

As a non-techie, the only way to know what could work for your brand is to study the latest trends. Allot ample time in your day to do research and check statistics online to apply the most relevant tactic for your brand.

4. Watch Your Competition

Your competition may be ahead of you in many ways, but if what they're doing works, you may be able to adapt it, maybe tweak it a little, or get inspiration from it. You may also observe their digital behavior, when they post, how they create stories and static posts, what hashtags they use, and their tone of the interaction.

You won't be copying what competitors do, and you shouldn't. Instead, take inspiration from it and create a more elevated version of digital marketing strategy to smash what they do.

5. Watch Video Tutorials

The worldwide web is amassed with video tutorials of every strategy you need for your business. You need to invest time to learn them and try your best to adapt them to your social platforms.

6. Enroll In Online Courses

If you find the free video tutorials limited, there are a lot of affordable online courses that could teach you in a more detailed and structured way. This will also expand your knowledge and save you money as you may find it unnecessary to hire a designated staff to do digital marketing for you.

7. Hire A Digital Marketing Agency

Suppose you can't move forward with your marketing goals because of your limited skills and insufficient time, cut to the chase, and hire digital marketing agencies. They have the proper skillset and expertise to launch your digital marketing strategy. They come with all the right tools, an arsenal of creative resources, and the professionalism expected from experts in their field.


A non-techie can handle digital marketing for a business. Although it’ll take a lot of time, plenty of trial and error, and a great deal of patience and perseverance. If you're ready to let your brand soar, it's best to get experts to accomplish the job, and in no time, you'll see the results. Supplement this, of course, with knowledge and strategies like the ones above to get you started on digital marketing.

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