Best Multiplatform SEO Agencies 2022 

Best Multiplatform SEO Agencies 2022 

Most of us are familiar with the term SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Times have changed, however, and it’s no longer good enough to merely focus on improving the quantity and quality of internet traffic to your website from the major search engines. To meet the challenges of a new era, an approach called multiplatform SEO has evolved. Below we will examine it in more depth.

What Does Multiplatform SEO Mean? Traditional SEO VS Multiplatform SEO - What's The Difference? 

Traditional SEO was born in a world where the main objective was to get more and better quality visitors to an organization’s website. These visitors would typically access your website from a desktop or laptop computer after using a search engine such as Google or Yahoo.

In an era where an ever-increasing number of people are accessing the Internet from mobile devices instead of computers and where the very meaning of the term ‘Internet’ is changing, it’s no longer good enough for any organization to focus solely on website traffic. That simply does not make sense when what might be the majority of your potential clients spend a large part of their day on an Internet that did not exist in the 1990s. 

Combined, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, WeChat, and TikTok have nearly 12 billion MAUs or Monthly Active Users. Many of these users are active on more than one of these platforms. That’s where they get their entertainment and news - and where they increasingly look for recommendations about products and/or services.

It is against this background that multiplatform SEO agencies started developing. The multiplatform SEO services approach tries to boost a firm’s search results on all these different platforms and channels instead of just seeking to attract visitors to its website from the main search engines as was the case with traditional SEO.

The Top 5 Multiplatform SEO Agencies 

Below we discuss what we consider to be the top 5 multiplatform SEO agencies, the services they provide, and their areas of specialization.

Devenup Agency 

Before making a decision about your SEO strategy, you will need data. Lots of data. Devenup promises to deliver data that is not available anywhere else to help your firm properly analyze its target market and develop an optimized multiplatform SEO strategy. Apart from traditional website SEO, the company also specializes in Amazon SEO and Youtube SEO.

The process will start with a digital strategy consultation to determine your firm’s needs before deciding which of the available channels will best suit those needs.

ROI UP Group 

This firm advises businesses on making the best possible decisions about their multichannel advertising strategies. The process starts with ROI UP acquiring an in-depth knowledge of the client’s business in order to develop a cost-effective strategy that helps them to reach their goals. ROI UP also offers web design services. 

Apart from the above, it specializes in paid marketing campaigns on social media, search engines, and email. Finally, it also has expertise in offline media campaigns on television, radio, print media, and cinema.

Ignite Visibility 

According to Ignite Visibility’s website, it has been ranked the number one digital marketing agency in the US, UK, and Canada. It has also been named the top SEO company, and the best-paid media company. 

The firm specializes in multiplatform SEO services, building multichannel digital marketing strategies, and social media, paid media, email, creative advertising, CRO, Amazon, and PR. Ignite Visibility uses a proprietary performance-based multichannel forecasting system that helps its clients to achieve their goals.


Panem started in 2017 as a small SEO company with only two staff members. Today it is a fast-growing firm with various departments. Its staff members include PPC professionals, SEO (including multiplatform) experts, content writers, and marketing specialists. 

Apart from these services the company also offers web analytics consulting services (including Google Analytics and some other platforms), SEO audits, full-service marketing services, help with planning digital marketing campaigns and setting up Google Smart Shopping campaigns.


Digible is a multifamily marketing agency. According to the firm, its services are driven by data and technology and supported by staff members who are prepared to make an investment in their clients’ success. This data-driven approach is what makes Digible stand out from the crowd. 

Digible doesn’t only specialize in Google Analytics but also marketing performance studies, CRMs, media performance trends, click-stream journeys, ALN data, ILS, and geographic indexes. The firm also has expertise in both paid media and organic media. Its organic media campaigns concentrate on creating custom social media content that increases your number of followers, improves engagement, boosts your brand reputation, and builds brand awareness.

The Benefits Of a Multiplatform SEO Approach  

A multiplatform SEO strategy is an approach that reaches today’s Internet audience wherever they are, whether it’s on Facebook or Instagram, or any of the multitude of other digital platforms out there. Its numerous benefits include the following:

More Personalized Interactions. A multiplatform approach allows firms to improve their understanding of their niche market’s preferences and then craft their message accordingly. In other words, you will be sending the correct message to the right audience. This can significantly improve conversion rates.

More Platforms Means Improved Visibility. Having an engaging website and being present on Facebook is a good start. Also being present on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc. is better because it improves your firm’s overall visibility.

Live 2-Way Communication. A multichannel approach improves your firm’s chances of being aware when people are discussing your business and its products and services - and to respond to those communications (whether positive or negative) in real-time. And you can respond to concerns and problems by improving your products, services, and marketing strategy.

Improved Brand Awareness. By regularly posting different types of benefits, details, and features of your products and services across multiple channels your chances of getting user attention increase dramatically. After seeing your brand name several times on different platforms, it’s much more likely that someone will visit your landing page or website to read more about your products or services.

Start A Conversation Around Your Brand. Creativity is the name of the game here. A multiplatform approach means that you can be present wherever the headlines are. If Greece is trending on Twitter because of its amazing weather this time of the year and your company sells package tours to the Greek islands, it’s very easy to become part of that conversation and exploit what could be a golden opportunity.

By now it should be clear that choosing a multiplatform SEO agency can help any business to get much better results from its SEO efforts and to stand out in a very crowded marketplace.

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