The Future of Marketing: Digital Billboard Ads

The Future of Marketing: Digital Billboard Ads

If you have ever taken a drive down the highway, you are likely familiar with billboard advertising. Billboards are highly visible which makes them a great method of traditional advertising. However, digital billboard ads have started taking over the advertising world in recent years. Technological advancements have made large-scale digital billboards possible. Thus, advertisers have been taking full advantage. It is hard to look away from a large screen with animations and bright changing colors. So if your goal is to get people's eyes on your ad, then a digital billboard is the way to go. Keep reading for everything you need to know about this innovative marketing tool.

What is a Digital Billboard?

A digital billboard is similar to a standard billboard in terms of size and placement. But, it includes a digital screen that can showcase advertisements in a rotation. They can be updated in real-time and are visually dynamic. Due to their eye-catching nature, they are one of the best ways to get your message seen by a potential audience. When it comes to outdoor advertising, many brands are now choosing digital billboards to gain brand visibility.

Digital billboards upgraded into three-dimensional (3D) displays have revolutionized the world of outdoor advertising and communication. The transition from traditional static billboards to digital displays was a game-changer, allowing for dynamic and interactive advertising. 3D digital billboards capture the attention of passersby like never before. Check out these 3D billboard examples.

How Does it Work?

A digital billboard has a small computer attached to it that provides images to the display screen. Advertisers can update the ads on these billboards remotely. They do this by using the wireless cellular phone network to access the computer attached to the billboard. This allows the advertiser to display the most current and up-to-date information on their billboard. This is one of the most unique aspects of the digital billboard and is an effective marketing tool.

The displays on a digital billboard are made up of LED lights. While traditionally only able to produce red, blue or green, the lights can adjust to produce any color in the spectrum. The software that controls these lights is the same one that allows the user to change the message on the billboard.

On the other hand, a 3D digital billboard creates the illusion of three-dimensional imagery using advanced technology and creative design. It typically consists of large LED or LCD screens that display content with high resolution. Specialized software and content creation techniques, such as stereoscopic effects, are used to achieve the 3D effect.

Some billboards use multiple screens to display different perspectives, while sensors or cameras track viewer movements for real-time adjustments. Optical illusions and lighting enhance depth perception, and interactive features may be added for viewer engagement. In essence, 3D digital billboards combine technology, design, and optical tricks to deliver engaging visual experiences.

Are They Effective?

So how effective are digital billboards as a means of advertising? According to a poll, 71% of people who viewed billboards reported that they stood out more than online ads. Additionally, 55% of people said that they remember the message that they saw on the digital billboards. Animated content received 5 times more viewers than static content. Thus, it is no surprise that this type of advertising has been effective.

Similar to static billboards, digital billboards can reach a wide range of people easily. When using internet advertising, you are relying on a number of factors outside of your control. Whether your ad reaches your desired audience depends on the person's internet usage and the presence of ad blockers. Billboards will be seen by anyone passing by. Plus, the addition of a digital screen ensures that their eyes will stay on your ad for longer.

Will they Work for My Brand?

Most brands can benefit from digital advertising. Whether you are trying to corner a local market or trying to get the attention of a national audience, a digital billboard is going to be an effective means of advertising. Digital billboards are especially helpful for those who are trying to get out a time-sensitive message. For example, if you have a company that rotates sales by the day or if you have a special event coming up, the editable screen will be especially helpful. You can change the screen each day you want to advertise a different deal. Or, if you have an event that runs multiple weeks you can update the dates as they pass. Some advertisers have used the screens to advertise a countdown till a sale starts. There truly is no shortage of ways to utilize the updatable screen to help drive traffic to your business.

Digital billboards are also great for brands that have already dabbled in digital advertising. If you already have a design online, getting that same ad in front of people on the streets can further brand recognition. People who have come across your ad online are far more likely to take notice the second time they see it. This is a great way to help get people excited and interested in your product or service.

How to Design a Digital Advertisement

Unless you have an in-house digital design department at your company, you will most likely want to outsource the design of your billboard. Consider a company that specializes in digital advertising. You can also work with the company you choose to design a few different layouts. Then, you can rotate these as you please once you have control over your ad.

To choose a reputable company for designing your digital advertisement, start by clearly defining your advertising goals. Conduct online research to identify potential agencies and create a shortlist based on their portfolios, industry experience, and client reviews. Moreover, contact these agencies to discuss their design process, communication practices, and expertise in digital marketing tools and platforms.

Request quotes and proposals but be cautious of significantly underpriced options. Carefully review contracts and agreements, ensuring all project details are well-defined. Don't forget to ask for references and trust your instincts when making the final decision. By following these steps, you can find a reliable agency that aligns with your goals and creates an effective digital advertisement.

The Future of Marketing

Digital billboard ads are a great way for any brand to get seen in front of an audience. If you are tired of online digital advertising or static billboard ads, consider designing a digital billboard.

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