Business Owners: Have You Considered Taking On An Apprentice?

Business Owners: Have You Considered Taking On An Apprentice?

When it comes to managing a business, there's a lot that we need to balance—profits, costs, employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, and our positive impact. Ideally, we'd all feel like our work helped the world in at least one small way. But, on those days when we're up to our ears in tedious paperwork or when everything goes wrong, it can be hard to focus on the good we're putting out into the world.

One of the easiest ways for a business to help others without sacrificing too many resources is to take on an apprentice. The world is full of young, eager kids who simply want to learn how to make a living, just wanting to be good at something. An apprenticeship can help those kids secure a stable living later on, but it can also help your business.

Doing Good For Your Community

You probably already know if your field has this kind of position in it. By law, certain professions require students to take on an apprenticeship before they're legally allowed to work independently. For example, an apprenticeship is a part of becoming an ac technician. This means that in situations where your work is tied to professional organizations and trade unions or requires apprenticeship before certifications can be given, you could quite literally be helping someone qualify for a job. With automation taking over and coronavirus wiping out businesses en masse in today's economy, helping someone get a job is a beautiful thing to do.

When you help someone get a job so they can support themselves, you're doing far more than helping just one person. He or she might end up supporting a spouse, children, or elderly relatives with the money earned. He or she will then be spending the money at other local businesses. Thereby, helping them out (and they're supporting people and spending money at other businesses, etc.)— helps the economy.

Fresh Talent With The Right Skillset

Working with an apprentice can help your business adapt to growth in the long term. This is because, eventually, if you keep growing, you'll need an extra pair of hands at some point. If you've had an apprentice, you already know someone. Additionally, you taught them the job, so you know they understand the ins and outs of your particular location. According to Forbes and several other studies, apprenticeship is on the rise, and this is one of the reasons. Having fresh new talent can also leave you with new ideas. Sometimes when a kid asks a question like: "why isn't it done this way?" They can reveal a smoother, more efficient way to get things done.

Consider an apprentice

Increase Employee Loyalty

If you end up hiring your apprentice full-time after they get their certification, you're going to have one loyal employee. Studies have found that apprentices stay in a business far longer than other recruits. Not only this, having an apprentice around can improve the loyalty of your other employees as well. People feel rewarded and engaged when they're sharing their skills and fostering someone else's growth.

Improve Customer Loyalty

It might seem strange that having an apprentice could improve your customer loyalty, but it can. Research shows that employers promote their apprenticeship credentials when pitching potential clients or talking about their company. A poll shows that a third of all employers are more likely to choose a supplier or partner if they offer apprenticeships.

Emotional Satisfaction For You

While the study of human happiness isn't anything new (Aristotle was talking about it), more recent studies have found some impressive results. One Harvard study spanning 80 years found out that one of the best ways to improve our daily happiness is to help other people. This is especially true if we form strong bonds in the process. This means that in addition to all the benefits above, you could also find yourself happier when taking on an apprentice.

There you have it. Choosing to mentor an apprentice can have long-lasting positive benefits in your life. Not to mention in the lives of others. It can even give your business a bit of a boost. If you'd like to learn more about potential apprenticeships, reach out to your local college or high school and search your field online. It might surprise you to see how many eager kids are waiting for a chance to improve themselves and make a living.  This is just one way of making a difference as well as a way of investing that can help grow people and grow your business.

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