Boost Your Online Business: Advantages and Examples of Online Marketing

Boost Your Online Business: Advantages and Examples of Online Marketing

No matter what you’re selling, teaching, featuring, or offering – marketing is the lifeblood of your business. It’s noble to think doing a superior job or providing a sublime product is sufficient for getting sales. Unfortunately, that’s simply not enough in today’s world. Especially when everyone is vying for attention online.  That’s where online marketing comes in. A wisely chosen marketing strategy can be a phenomenal tool to boost your online business and brand. Thus, enhancing online visibility, building your clientele, and ultimately capturing sales.

That said, the world of marketing is rife with options, tactics, tricks, and techniques. Deciding which path to take down the marketing trail can be a daunting journey. That’s why we’ve created this helpful, comparative guide related to common types of marketing strategies.  So if you’re curious about marketing methods for your business, read on about examples of online marketing. We also cover how each can benefit your online endeavors.

What is Online Marketing?

If you’ve been following this website over the years, then you probably already know what online marketing is. But for the sake of clarity, here’s a refresher.  Simply put, online marketing is a method of utilizing digital, internet-based channels to disseminate the good news about your business. Whether it's products, services, or your brand, digital marketing shows it to your potential customers and clients.

The most common type of online marketing you may be familiar with is social media. You can submit posts on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram (to name a few). This is a way for your potential clientele or customers to see what you’re all about, and what you’re offering.  Other types of online or digital marketing include email campaigns, SMS texts, paid ads such as Google AdWords, or display advertising.

Common Examples of Online Marketing

You now have a clear concept as to what digital, online marketing is. So, let’s dive more deeply into the most common types and how each may boost your online business endeavors.

Email Marketing

If done correctly, email marketing can significantly increase your visibility and online sales.  Ideally, people interested in your service or product sign up for your newsletter or subscriber list.  Once you have their permission to send them emails, you should create valuable, relevant content that your subscribers crave.  Doing this will keep your audience’s attention and enhance your credibility.  In fact, 81% of small businesses rely on email marketing strategies for customer acquisition and retention.

Social Media Marketing

As mentioned, platforms such as Facebook or Instagram are excellent channels to market your wares or services. Social media marketing (or SMM) is a way to showcase yourself among your peers, colleagues, customers, or clients. Additionally, you can generate a buzz about your offerings. This marketing method also allows you to engage your followers and build your brand.  Social media works on momentum. Thus, focuses on communicating with your members.  It augers a sense of community and has the potential to skyrocket your business growth.

SMS Marketing

While this tact is not as common as previously mentioned marketing strategies, it has huge potential for drumming up awareness about your brand.  SMS stands for “Short Message Service.” These are brief phone text messages your business sends out to your subscribers. You can keep them reminded and connected to current news about your product line or services.  Much like a newsletter subscription, you can build a SMS list by enticing your fans to subscribe. Then deliver them valuable texts to keep them abreast of current events, discounts, or exclusive features you provide.

Paid Advertisements

If you’re willing to spend a little money, and track your return on investment (ROI). Consider, paid display ads as an online marketing tactic that could be profitable for your business model.  Third-party services such as Google AdWords will distribute your display ads for a fee. They then distribute them across various websites according to cookie-tracking technology.  Facebook also offers paid advertising opportunities. For a relatively small fee, you can pitch your advertisement to Facebook users who are apt to purchase your service or product.  Both AdWords and Facebook allow you many options in choosing various demographics that should see your ads. For example, age, education, location, interests, etc.  Included with your payment are revealing analytics that shows you how your paid ad campaign is performing.

The Final Word on Online Marketing

Whether you opt for SMS text marketing, email campaigning, or paid advertising, one factor holds true. Online marketing is crucial in presenting your business to the world.  If you want to get noticed and spread the word about your offerings, digital marketing is your greatest asset to boost your online business.

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