Fatal Car Crashes in Atlanta: Things to Look for a Personal Injury Law Firm

Fatal Car Crashes in Atlanta: Things to Look for a Personal Injury Law Firm

Atlanta is known for some of the dangerous car crashes that cause severe injuries and emotional trauma in victims. Almost every month, the city witnesses fatal crashes, which implies the need to connect with a personal injury law firm to seek compensation and justice.

In April 2024, Atlanta News First reported a car crash into two houses, which caused the residents to face severe injuries. This took place in a neighborhood in Cobb County. According to the Cobb County Police Department, the initial investigation highlighted that the officers attempted to stop a 2013 BMW X5 driven by Benedicto Morales, a 19-year-old boy. The accident occurred mostly because the driver was intoxicated.

The report suggested that Morales had sped away. It further shared that the BMW had collided with a tree beneath 4550 Alaspair Lane and crashed at the rear end of a residence at 4552 Alaspair Lane. After that, the vehicles crashed into another house at 4554 Alastair Lane and went inside. An adult who was injured because of the crash had to be admitted to the Wellstar Kennestone Hospital.

The damaged home residents told Atlanta News First that the car had crashed into a bedroom. The accident is under investigation and the charges are pending. But if you face any similar collision in Atlanta, you must contact a personal injury law firm. Even though the city has many options, choosing the correct one is challenging.

This article will focus on the factors to consider when selecting a law firm in Atlanta.

Check the Type of Personal Injury Cases the Firm Specializes In

There might be an Atlanta personal injury law firm that you like with lawyers who do a little of everything. It is necessary to know that the firm has lawyers with solid experience in the domain you need them to. You need to know how long the firm and its lawyers have been practicing personal injury law. It is necessary to know the amount of time and energy they dedicate to it.

Check with the lawyer about certain cases, such as yours. Typically, personal injury is a broad practice, with various cases listed under it. Some of them are:

  • Car accidents
  • Assault and Battery
  • Animal Bites
  • Defamation
  • Product Liability
  • Skip and Fall
  • Medical Malpractice

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that a law firm has the necessary expertise you need. Asking helps to gain clarity and make the correct decision. A dog bite injury will have a different approach compared to a medical malpractice or slip-and-fall case.

The Client Results

No one wants to work with a lawyer or law firm that has lost most of their cases. As that will be a complete loss of money, time, and trust. Hence, it is essential to search for outcomes that the lawyer has attained for their clients. An expert lawyer will be rather happy and content to share the best results for their client in terms of the compensation they obtained for the legal claims.

Atlanta Personal Injury Law Firm states that lawyers must be able to inform the plaintiffs about the probable settlement payouts. They will let you know the amount that you can expect to cover the medical costs and other expenses that resulted from the crash. Each payout amount will be different because of personal suffering details. However, a lawyer will work to get the best compensation for you.

That aside, you can also check the client reviews and testimonials of the law firm. Here, you will find data that will help you choose better.

A Transparent Fee Structure

Even the legal landscape is filled with shady lawyers and law firms who don’t let you know about the amount that you need to pay. They aim for a frivolous fee structure the moment the case gets closed. Here, you might just feel that you have to shell out more money than your imagination. Therefore, ensure that you ask a lawyer or law firm about their standard fee structure.

Typically, law firms work on a contingency basis. That means the plaintiffs don’t need to shell out any money until the lawyer declares that the verdict is in their favor.

In conclusion, it is also necessary for a law firm to opt for a partnering approach instead of that of a service provider. Only then can they take a personalized approach and guide you well. Car crashes will keep happening in Atlanta, despite people taking all security measures. However, if you face one, you need to speak with a lawyer and get the burden off your chest.

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