Social Media Marketing Strategies to Optimize your Website Ranking

Social Media Marketing Strategies to Optimize your Website Ranking

Do you want to improve your website or blog's SERP ranking? Are you wondering how social media allows you to do just that and more? If the answer's a yes, you must understand that SEO and social media are interconnected. Additionally, you must understand how they will become even more co-dependent on each other in the foreseeable future.

After all, social media is an effective and powerful tool that will only hurt your business if you aren't utilizing it in one way or another. But, it can take you to new heights of success if you use it properly.

That said, it is still unclear how search engines such as Google or Yahoo utilize social media to rank your blog or website. For instance, Google continues to flip-flop its SEO algorithms to focus on social signals as a factor in SERP rankings.

However, contrary to popular belief, social signals like follows, shares, pins, retweets, likes, and others don't play a role in search results. Whatever the case may be, social media is still worth your time and effort if you're looking to improve your website or blog's rankings.

With that in mind, let us take a look at some social media marketing strategies to optimize and enhance your website's SERP rankings.

Reduce your word count on your social media marketing copy. 

There is no ideal word count for a social media marketing copy that businesses need to follow. According to an SEO expert, Neil Patel, the fewer words on your social media marketing copy, the more value you get out of it.

In fact, according to his research, there are two to six times lower click-through rates on paragraph-long Facebook marketing copies compared to updates that are just 40 characters long. So, instead of utilizing long social media marketing copies, opt for fewer words. This is regardless of the social media platform you use. The trick here is to use only the words you need. Get the message across in as few words as possible.

Entice people into doing what you want them to do. 

Often, all your target audience needs is a simple request to interact with your social media content. In fact, it won't get any easier than engaging your audience through an innocent request. After all, quick research on the most clickable words or phrases on social media platforms shows that these words have one thing in common. They contain tons of call-to-actions.

So, ensure that you're utilizing phrases and words such as ''retweet,' 'check out, ' like,' 'share,' and others to engage visitors. In the end, the more your followers, the better your website or blog's ranking of SERPs.

Provide people with reasons to click through.

Without a doubt, if you're looking to connect with your target audience, you don't sell a solution to people just to make money. Instead, you have to help them by solving their issues and problems.

So, ensure that the content you put on your social media pages answers customers' questions. Or, make it address the pain points they face. Moreover, also ensure that your social media copy addresses the problem and the solution.

If they see this, your audience will happily improve your website's click-through rates. Thus, in turn, improving your website's SERP rankings as well.

Consider social media as a search engine for increasing your website's discoverability.

Don't forget about your social media content, such as posts. They will act as valuable backlinks to your website or blog. But unfortunately, the links you tag on your social media posts don't improve your website's SERP ranking. This is because Google's SEO algorithm doesn't work that way.

Once you share links on social media posts, they are tagged with a 'no follow' tag. This is what alerts search engines to ignore the link's origin.

That said, search results on social media platforms are ranked according to keyword popularity and strength. You need to craft your social presence with SEO in mind. This leads us to two strategies to optimize in the following two points below.

1. Optimize your social media profiles according to keyword searches. 

First, you need to identify foundational SEO keywords. Then incorporate them into your social media profile bios, links, summaries, and headlines. Moreover, you can also include these keywords in relevant image captions.

If you do this, there is a likely chance customers will come across your business when searching for the foundational level SEO keywords. Which you've now incorporated into your social media pages.

2. Improve your social media copy by incorporating relevant keywords. 

From a single hashtagged share or post, someone searching for your business is likely to come across your profile and content. They will then likely click through to your website or blog as a result. So, it is vital to utilize carefully selected keywords in your hashtags, links, posts, other related copy. It will help elevate your brand's visibility while boosting your ranking in social media search results.

Develop your content around Keywords. 

Using strategies to optimize and improve your visibility and ranking on search engines across the board is effective. It means you will develop social media content tailored around particular keywords.

For instance, if you're a solo entrepreneur providing cooking services to people, you can create a youtube channel along with a social media page. Ensure both include keywords that people search for these days.

For example, keywords and phrases like 'how to cook' or 'best dinner steak recipe' are trendy. And it will be a crime not to tailor your social media content around such phrases and words. Especially if you're in the food and hospitality industry.


There is no doubt that social media will be tied to every website's SERP rankings. However, for now, your social media marketing efforts should be an extension of your SEO efforts. This can only increase your brand's popularity, reach, identity, and online influence.

So, consider the above strategies to optimize your website. Try to include them in your overall marketing strategy. Doing so will allow you to take advantage of social media SEO like never before!

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