Best SMS Marketing Software For 2021

Best SMS Marketing Software For 2021

As more brands look to widen their reach and target customers on the move, SMS is increasingly becoming a vital part of effective multi-channel marketing. SMS marketing software allows you to plan and implement SMS marketing campaigns. This software lets you send timely, personalized SMS notifications to your customers, boosting engagement and brand loyalty. 

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing, also referred to as text message marketing, is a marketing method of sending promotional messages like specials, coupons, alerts, or promotions using highly-targeted, opt-in text messages (SMS). 

It’s a permission-based form of marketing in which customers must give you explicit permission to market to them. You can target your prospective customers via permission-based subscribe links included in campaign messages, contest entries, online opt-in form, or texting a specific keyword to a shortcode. 

Why Use SMS Marketing Software?

It’s undeniable that developing relationships with your customers is crucial. While there’re so many avenues of reaching your customers, ranging from email to social media, SMS marketing offers the most direct communication line.  With 81% of adults in the US owning a smartphone, SMS marketing software allows you to reach a wider audience. With bulk messaging, you can send tons of promotional text messages with a single click, allowing you to garner a considerable number of new subscribers easily and quickly.

That’s why SMS marketing is one of the most effective forms of communication with customers. Using SMS marketing software opens you up to more opportunities to scale your SMS marketing campaign. 

Below we have a list of the best SMS Marketing software systems available.  Have a read and make sure you reach the bottom to learn more about the benefits of using SMS marketing software.

The Best SMS Marketing Software for 2021 include:

1. Mobile Text Alerts

best sms marketing software for 2021 mobile text alerts

Mobile Text Alerts offers a world-class SMS marketing platform for businesses and organizations. With no programming required, you can send 100s or 1,000s of messages at a time to your customers or employees using their online platform or mobile app. 

Build your subscriber list using a variety of opt-in methods: text in, sign-up page, spreadsheet import, or via their robust API. Keep your subscriber list up-to-date by integrating with over 2,000+ apps. Other popular features include scheduled messages, templates, MMS, message personalization, drip campaigns, groups, administrators, link tracking, surveys, giveaways, and message replies. To top it off, every account comes with excellent live support access. 

Click here to get a free 14-day trial account and start sending mass sms marketing messages today.

2. Trumpia

Trumpia one of the best sms software tools for 2021

Trumpia offers an easy software to start with, but also one you’ll end up staying with because you’ll never outgrow it. If you’re just starting out with your first campaign, their core packages come with all the essentials including mobile keywords, mass and two-way texting, and appointment reminders. They even include tools that others don’t such as Data Capture that automatically collects customer data for you through texting.

The best part about it is, as you use the system and quickly discover you need more, Trumpia offers advanced packages that go beyond what others can offer. This includes Automated Workflows that carry out campaigns for you, so you are getting more done without manually having to do more, as well as premium support services.

3. Jook SMS

jook sms text marketing service
JookSMS is the leading provider of SMS marketing. Ranked number one by Techtimes Best SMS In 2021 List, Jooksms prides itself in client satisfaction by always having a real human attending calls, live chats or emails 24/7, 7 days a week.
With no contracts and super competitive pricing, that starts as low $10, no wonder over 18000 companies cal Jooksms home for their sms needs.
Join today and get a free $5 credit to test their platform. No credit card required.

4. Omnisend

omnisend sms marketing tools for ecommerce

Omnisend has a powerful SMS marketing tool that allows e-commerce businesses to send unlimited promotional SMS and MMS campaigns at high speed, combining them with other channels (email, web push notifications, etc). This is especially helpful when launching automated cart abandonment, post-purchase, and other workflows. Thanks to this omnichannel approach, businesses can reach 250% higher results than with single-channel messages.

The best part of it all is that each business that signs up for the Pro & Enterprise plan gets free SMS credits equal to the monthly plan price (e.g., $99 plan price = $99 in free SMS credits included). Also, unlike other platforms that offer SMS, Omnisend doesn’t charge extra for the high sending speed or extra sending numbers – you’re in control of what you’re spending.

5. Messente

messente one of the best mass texting services

Messente helps businesses reach out to anyone on the planet with a mobile phone. They have built a robust suite of free high-performance tools and APIs, helping you to deliver business-critical pin codes, notifications, and marketing messages right into your customer's hands.

You can run targeted campaigns with tools like message preview, templates, scheduling, unsubscribe links, and CRM integration. And then see how your campaigns are performing in the online dashboard.

Messente is known for its excellent customer service, which comes free with their platform. You can send messages to more than 190 countries and they also give you a number of free credits to help you get started quickly. By the way, they have a very comprehensive guide on SMS marketing that you should check out.

6. SMSGlobal

SMSGlobal SMS software

SMSGlobal is the leading SMS marketing provider, offering communication solutions for many business models and budgets. With 25 free SMS credits to get you started and competitive pricing, SMSGlobal provides cost-efficient messaging proven to boost conversion rates.

Unlike other SMS providers, SMSGlobal offers free, 24/7 locally-based support. Whether you want a free demo, need SMS marketing advice, or have a technical query, you’ll talk to an SMS expert no matter the time.

For effortless SMS marketing, look no further than their intuitive SMS platform, MXT. It connects you directly to your customer database and empowers you with targeted SMS campaigns, personalised mobile marketing, and a suite of business-building communication tools. Send campaigns through the SMS gateway, Email-to-SMS, or automate SMS through their HubSpot integration.

Benefits of using SMS marketing software:

1. SMS Can Integrate and Support Other Channels

No one marketing channel works best for every purpose; that’s why all channels need to work well together. Although SMS marketing can work perfectly well on its own, it can also support and enhance other marketing channels like email and social media. 

Most SMS marketing software integrates with other applications through an API, but some are included in email marketing software or marketing automation software. For example, you can integrate your SMS marketing software with your email marketing and use it to remind customers to read an email you sent hours or even days before. This can increase your email open rates by up to 30%.

2. SMS has Greater Audience Reach 

With 81% of adults in the US owning a smartphone, SMS marketing software allows you to reach a wider audience. With bulk messaging, you can send tons of promotional text messages with a single click, allowing you to garner a considerable number of new subscribers easily and quickly.

Another benefit is that receiving a text message doesn’t require internet connectivity; you only need a working phone. Text messages are sent and received in a matter of seconds. With an open rate of 97% within 15 minutes of delivery, you can be assured that your time-sensitive messages will be delivered and read almost instantly. 

3. Achieve Higher ROI at a Cheaper Cost

Sending an SMS message is way cheaper than most marketing channels, and if executed correctly, it can deliver higher ROI. Apart from bulk messages, most SMS marketing software offers an all-in-one solution for marketing automation, SMS marketing, chat, Facebook Ads, email marketing, and CRM. 

4. SMS can Provide Valuable Data

SMS marketing software provides real-time data and detailed analytics you can use to track ROI, analyze customer engagement, and monitor delivery rates. It contains information on the number of messages delivered, the status of the message (whether the customer has read it or not), timestamps, which recipient opened which message and the links they clicked, which browser was used to visit, and the exact location of your customers. 

This allows you to understand your target audience better, determine how successful the campaign was, and what you have to do to improve your future campaigns. You can use these insights to profile and segment phone numbers to have a more targeted list of people who’re more likely to respond to your messages and create a highly targeted SMS marketing campaign. 

SMS Marketing Software Features to Consider

  • Ability to reach mobile users via SMS messaging
  • Automate text messaging campaigns
  • Provide an opt-in opportunity for new subscribers
  • It should be able to monitor and track interaction data related to each SMS campaign
  • It should provide insights and analytics into your SMS marketing efforts
  • Integrates well with other applications

Final Word

SMS marketing software is an essential tool that allows you to have direct two-way communication with your customers. Investing in the best SMS text messaging software can enhance your overall marketing efforts, increase your reach, and improve your ROI.

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