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Social Media and Facebook Updates for week ending 720

Recent Social Media Updates for Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn 7/20/17 Edition

If there is one thing you can count on it’s that social media platforms will change and update. Here are a few of the latest that has happened in the past few weeks. Facebook Modifying Link Previews Starting Monday, July 17th, Facebook users can no longer edit the headlines, descriptions or featured images that make […]

Online Security Tips for Business Travelers -315

Online Security Tips for Business Travelers

When traveling, you take the usual steps to keep you and your possessions safe. Your online security should be considered just as important. Becoming compromised while abroad can result in disastrous data breaches which can have damaging effects on your business. Here are some online security travel tips to protect your information and privacy: Take […]

6 Local SEO Marketing Tactics for Greater Search Ranking

Being found by a local internet user doing a search for a local business need requires local SEO marketing tactics. It’s a unique arena that requires unique SEO marketing efforts. Is your business performing well in local search? What is local search and local SEO marketing?  How can you improve your local search results? We […] for Photo and Video Animations for Photo and Video Animations

Snapchat has enjoyed its reign among youth and young adults, but it’s got to look out for strong competitors like Instagram and other upstarts like Lumyer. Compatible with both iOS and Android, Lumyer offers a comprehensive set of high-resolution effects that go beyond dog ears or flower crowns. Its aim is to augment reality by […]

Landscape by Sprout Social- Streamlined Image Resizing for Social Media

Landscape by Sprout Social: Streamlined Image Resizing for Social Media

74% of marketers include visuals on social media. On Twitter, posts with images get 150% more retweets! With the emphasis on visuals in social media, creating visual content is a priority. There is an ideal image size for each social media platform. For the top platforms, the ideal image sizes for profile photos are: Facebook […]

Keyword Optimization Tips For Getting TOP Rank in Google Search – Build On The Principles Of Evolution

Every experienced SEO specialist knows this one thing… Publishing pages and posts without an exact understanding of which keywords we want to target and grow in SERP is a big mistake. How do you get TOP rank? No matter how great your content, if users can’t find it, it doesn’t help you. So, if you […]

Get More From Your Google Analytics with PaveAI - 600

Get More From Your Google Analytics with PaveAI

If you’ve researched marketing, you’ve probably heard of S.M.A.R.T. goals. You probably also know that means: Specific Measurable Achievable Relevant Timely If you’re marketing, then you’ve probably got some smart goals of your own. You’ve probably already installed tools like Google Analytics to help you measure them. The only trouble is, Google Analytics results can […]

Keyword Research Tools for Website SEO

Keyword research tools for website SEO.  What are they and what is it? Why does it matter?  And…how can you do it? That’s the key topic in this week’s podcast episode.  We dive into keyword research in a practical way to try and give you the tools and tactics needed to help you up your game […]

5 Geofencing Tools to Use for Local Marketing-615

5 Geofencing Tools to Use for Local Marketing

Geofencing is a marketer’s dream. Are you up on this newer technology? It’s the perfect blend of digital media and location based advertising working together for local businesses. After all, what could be better than reminding your customers of a great deal when they’re right near your store? It works fairly simply….smartphone users with location-based […]

The Advantages of Campaign Monitor for Non-Profits

The Advantages of Campaign Monitor for Non-Profits Giving Tuesday is a charitable holiday held after Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and yet, only 18% of people are conscious of this event. Giving Tuesday’s obscurity can limit fundraising capabilities, making it harder to reach fundraising targets. Companies such as Campaign Monitor can help non-profits improve their […]