Sling: Employee Scheduling Made Easy

Scheduling employees is challenging. Sling for employee scheduling can save you time, labor costs and help with payroll and time tracking.

Brand Tone of Voice and How the Right Tone Could Boost Your Online Presence

A guide to your business brand tone of voice. The right tone of voice can skyrocket your brand and conversely the wrong tone of voice can kill a brand.

October Social Media Updates Through October 21st

Social Media Updates Through October 21st October has gone fast and we have some new social media updates for you!  As always the social media platforms are not static and continue to make changes.  This time around we cover a couple Facebook changes and the announced retirement of Google Plus. Facebook Chatrooms on Facebook Groups […]


SmartWatch Comparison: Apple Watch Series 3 vs Fitbit Ionic vs Garmin Vivoactive 3

Are you thinking of getting a SmartWatch? Here is our SmartWatch comparison of Apple, Fitbit, and Garmin. This comparison can help you make a smart choice!

Book Launch Podcast of Making the Miles Count

Special unique episode here with the book launch podcast of Making the Miles Count! I’m excited to announce and discuss the release of my newest book, “Making the Miles Count”, a guide to living beyond the daily grind and waking up each morning with purpose and focus. I give you the background and the details […]


Project Management Software Comparison: Asana vs. Basecamp vs. ProofHub

Get organized with online project management software. Let’s compare three project management software tools: Asana, Basecamp, and ProofHub.

Social Media Updates October 11

Holy moly can you believe it’s already October and Thanksgiving is just around the corner?   Instagram Nametags Have you ever had to spell your Instagram username over and over again to someone? What a pain! If you have, you’ll love nametags. Instagram nametags are scannable codes that let you share your account easily. Go […]

Creating and Selling an Online Course – Digital Product Sales Hacks

Creating and selling an online course can be a great way for you to pack your knowledge into a medium that can reach thousands of people and potentially help you achieve a very scalable long-term passive income source if done properly. Coming up with original expert content for an e-book or a digital course can […]

What is and How Do You Use It?

What is It’s artificial intelligence that helps you make meaningful connections with your customers.

3 Ways to Enhance Your Supplier Chain

One of the mistakes that most business owners make when it comes to their supply chain is to assume that the process is a simple business function. This is an error that will have an ongoing effect on your ability to improve and enhance your supply chain. It is more useful to look at your […]