mobile security

A Guide to Mobile Security Challenges and Their Solutions

Cybersecurity research shows that the number of malware in use is escalating and mobile users are threatened more than ever. Mobile security threats not only impact smartphones but have their impact across all small screen devices including wearable, PDA’s and laptops that are connected to public networks. On one side the corporate data breaches have […]

website for small business

7 Things to Consider When Building a Website for Your Small Business

Whether you are a freelance photographer or someone who owns a hardware store, or if you have any other type of a small business, a great website is essential for your company to triumph. Many web designers, who have worked on building or let’s say marketing over 100’s of small business websites, will know that […]


Leading a Remote Team: 6 Keys to Success

Advancements in technology change the way we work. 6 tips for successfully managing and leading a remote team for greater productivity and communication.

Business Plan

7 Aspects You Must Cover in Your Business Plan

There are a lot of articles and blogs out there which talk about the importance of having a solid business plan when launching a new business, but what does a business plan need to include? It can seem a daunting task when you’ve never been faced with writing a business plan before, but it’s a […]

Customer Onboarding

How Does Customer Onboarding Help in Improving Customer Service?

For every business, the client is the most important factor in really getting things moving and becoming a legitimate company. This is why customer onboarding is so important. Making sure that your client is well informed enough to be able to form a relationship with your company is the make or break of getting new […]

SEO Ranking

7 Ways to Boost Your Law Firm’s SEO Ranking

Creating and managing a successful law firm is less about networking with local clients today and more about maximizing your ability to reach clientele online. Boosting your law firm website’s SEO ranking is not only useful to attract visitors to your site, but it is also essential to establish your firm as a trusted and […]


How to Use Instagram to Grow Your Small Business

Visual info is consumed faster and remembered. Learn 3 simple ways to use Instagram to grow your small business and get noticed on Instagram.

Common Computer Problems

4 Common Problems Small Businesses Have With Their Computers and How to Fix Them

Even a minor computer issue can seriously disrupt your business day and it is very frustrating and can even harm your bottom line if you don’t find a fox as quickly as possible. One way of getting up and running again as soon as you can involve having access to enterprise-level IT solutions at reasonable […]


Co-Working Space: The New Trend in Business

Working from home used to be the big thing. Between the years 2000 and 2010, people who worked at least one day at home per week increased by over 4 million. The rate of occasional remote workers jumped from 9.2 million to 13.4 million during that decade. However, working from home saw its disadvantages, and […]

How to Attract More Responses to a Business Survey

Creating a survey is a great way to collect data that could help you to make better business decisions. However, if you want that data to truly be reliable, you need to be able to attract as many responses as possible. If you’ve published a business survey in the past, you’ll know that part is […]