Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter Updates through April 26

  Change is the name of the game in social media!  To be an adept social media marketer you MUST keep up with the constant changes that Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the other social media networks make. In this review, we cover some of the latest and most important updates from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter […]

How to Lead a Richer Life

Photo by Unknown, License Public Domain Setting goals to better ourselves is so closely intertwined with human nature because all of us want to develop bit by bit and achieve our dreams and ambitions. For many people, the dream of material wealth is one of their main long-term goals; it’s an ambition that powers some […]

How to Check Your Website Speed

How to Check Your Website Speed

Don’t let slow load times slow your growth. Check your website speed, make the necessary adjustments, and watch as your conversions skyrocket. Here are my top 4 tools for checking website speed and 1 tool that just can’t be left off the list.

5 Ways to Reuse Blog Content to the Max

Are you getting the most out of your blog content? How about I give you 5 ways to reuse blog content to the max?!? You spend hours on each post, researching information, looking up keywords, finding photos, creating graphics and all the other details that go into writing a  blog post. You publish, then you share […]


Social Warfare, Social Media Sharing Plugin for WordPress

Integrate your social media accounts with your WordPress site to make it easy to promote your website on social media. Social Warfare, the social media sharing plugin, allows you to add customizable sharing buttons to your site. We highly recommend it and here’s why.

Facebook and Instagram Updates through April 12

Facebook and Instagram continue to evolve and make changes….most being good for marketing purposes!  Here’s a few of the latest key changes for Facebook and Instagram. Facebook Facebook Adds Admin Privileges to Messenger Admin privileges within Facebook Messenger give you more control by allowing you to approve new members of a Message Group, remove members, […]

10 Tips To Boost Lead Conversion on your Website

10 Tips To Boost Lead Conversion on your Website

Are you converting enough website visitors into buyers? Here are 10 ideas and tactics to try to boost lead conversion on your website.

Life Lessons from the United Airlines New York City Half Marathon

Have you been to New York City?  Have you toured Times Square and Central Park? How about RUNNING 13.1 miles through New York City?  Now that’s a unique view! I did run New York City, and I had a great time!  This podcast episode is about my run, my training and the life lessons I […]


What Is Blockchain and What Is Its Impact on Marketing

In this post, we explore blockchain technology. Mainstream businesses have started to accept cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrencies use blockchain. Can blockchain have other uses? We look at blockchain’s potential and how it affects marketing.

Social Media Management Apps_ Socialaider vs SmarterQueue VS HootSuite

Social Media Management Apps: Social Aider vs SmarterQueue vs HootSuite

Be more productive with your social media promotion. Schedule and manage your social media posts, comments, shares and more from one place. Each one works a bit different. The best one is the one that meets your needs and goals. In this quick guide, we review 3 of the most popular social media management apps.