Digital Marketing in 2018: What’s New Today

Digital Marketing in 2018, what matters now?  It’s an important question! Social Media marketing and digital marketing always evolve and shift. What’s new for 2018 and what matters now is different than what mattered last year…in some cases…and in some cases it hasn’t changed. The key is knowing the difference! Mike Gingerich dives in on […]

Facebook Updates (1)

Twitter and Facebook Updates for February 22th

Here are the Facebook updates and Twitter updates that are new this week. We’ve seen a lot of major changes recently check out this article to stay on top of them.

Tips on Saving Money When Running a Business

When you’re running a business, every penny counts. It’s essential that in order not to find yourself bankrupt, that you carefully calculate all of your expenses and make wise decisions when it comes to financing. As with all things in life, you can’t always predict what will happen next in business. You should, therefore, always […]


Emotional Intelligence Factors for Contagious Content

Emotional intelligence is about reaching people through your digital marketing to engage their interest, connect with them, and prompt them to act. Use these emotional intelligence factors to create effective compelling content that resonates with your audience.

Go Beyond Website Forms with the Quiz Tools of Typeform (1)

Go Beyond Website Forms with the Quiz Tools of Typeform

Website forms that are lackluster and plain won’t get filled in. How do you grab attention and get the leads you need? Try Typeform for interesting forms that your leads will want to fill out. Beside unique subscription forms, quizzes are easy and fun to make with Typeform. Project and Task Management (3) Project and Task Management

Keeping your teams organized can be a challenging task. eliminates frustration. Keep on top of your project and task management using email. It also comes with lots of other collaborative features and a mobile app for easy access on the go.

Facebook Updates

Facebook and Instagram Updates for February 8th

Here’s the latest on Facebook and Instagram updates. Facebook has been making major changes to both Facebook and Instagram do you know what they are? Learn how to deal with these changes in this post.


Jamboard for Digital Brainstorming: Now in Google Suite

Collaboration with your team can be taken to the next level. Jamboard for Digital Brainstorming is Google’s latest app to help your team collaborate and work together no matter where they are or what platform they use. Here’s our review.


Branding in 2018 – Follow these tips to Build your Brand

It takes a truly exceptional marketing strategy to turn that product or service into a brand. Does your business have a brand? Here’s how to get started branding in 2018.

3 Essential Tips for Entrepreneurs Trying to Unplug

Many entrepreneurs find it almost impossible to take a break from running their business. After building your business from the ground up, you want to stay there and watch it grow. If you are running a small business, you may think that it cannot run in your absence. The truth is that you can take […]