8 Private Dining Tips When Hosting an Event

Private Dining Tips When Hosting an Event

If you are planning on hosting a private dinner for your friends, family, or business associates, you should be prepared to go beyond the basics to make your event a success and give your guests an experience to remember. Here are eight private dining tips when hosting an event.

1. Find the perfect venue

Where you’ll be hosting your event needs to be the number one focus, since your event’s venue determines the impression made to your guests. You need to set the bar high by picking a spacious venue with an ideal ambiance and the right degree of privacy. If you are in New York City, you can find the best dining locations here to help make a statement right from the start. A rule to abide by is always to pick your venue based on expected attendance to provide everyone with enough room to move about and interact with other guests.

2. Settle on a theme

Every event has an underlying goal or objective that you should use to settle on a theme. Whether it is an anniversary celebration or business networking event, you need the venue’s style to portray the purpose of the occasion. Regardless of your theme, dinners should be hosted in a friendly environment where your guests feel comfortable and open to interactions.

3. Know your guests’ preferences

One of the biggest challenges in event planning and management is bridging the gap between different personalities and expectations among your guests. The secret to finding a happy medium is to prioritize your guests’ preferences. Religious and cultural sensitivity is particularly crucial, as you do not want to offend your guests by stepping out of line.  For example, alcohol or no alcohol?  You may need a mix of drinks including offering things like a mocktail.

4. Have a budget

You need to think like a professional planner, even when planning a small private dinner, as the little details always make a difference. Commit yourself to creating a comprehensive budget to help determine how you should tailor options to suit your expenses. Remember, it is always better to over-budget, as there is always the likelihood of added expenses that will need to be met.

5. Communicate with your chef

Your menu will be a major highlight of your event. To avoid last-minute disappointments, always take into account the dietary restrictions and special requests from your guests. You should then communicate this with your chef to prevent any risks, as food allergies can be life-threatening to some people. Your guests could also have moral, cultural, and religious views on some foods, and you should strive to avoid including such meals or drinks on the menu.

6. Do not forget about entertainment

Proper entertainment arrangements are crucial even when hosting a corporate event, as it opens the doors for friendlier conversations and relationship building. While you do not have to hire your favorite group to perform at the event, strive to have the right AV equipment and a well-curated playlist.

7. End on a high note

If you want your event to be unforgettable, end on a high note while your guests are still happy and have the energy to get back home safely. Avoid dragging your dinner event until it is too late and conclude the evening with a short, funny, and memorable speech. Do not forget to make every guest feel appreciated in your closing remarks, and if there were any gifts, this is also the best moment to share them.

8. Factor in the logistics

The success of your event heavily depends on how easily your guests can access the venue. A best practice is to settle on a dining location that most of your guests can get to without spending hours on end on the road. Convenience does not just stop at quick accessibility but extends to elements such as parking availability and how well you will take care of guests with special needs.


Creating the perfect private dining experience requires finding the right balance of several elements, and these tips will help you find the sweet spot for your event.

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