7 Signs It's Time To Expand Your Business

Signs It's Time To Expand Your Business

A business is an exciting venture that requires planning and strategy. Regardless of the size of your business, you'll want to see it flourish. It may be clear when expansion is necessary for the early stages of a company's development. However, as it grows, it's possible to miss the signs, especially during the hustle and bustle of running it. While it's advisable to tread carefully when thinking of an expansion, it's equally important to grab opportunities that come your way. The question is, how does one know when to expand their business?

To help you answer that, here are seven signs to look out for:

1. Your Business Has A High Credit Score

The continuous growth of a business is crucial for its long-term sustainability. The ability to obtain financing is vital to the expansion of a firm. It doesn’t imply that you possess liquid funds but have easy access to funding. It also indicates that creditors will be more receptive to you when you are looking at credit availability. You'll have access to more funding options at lower interest rates.

With a high credit score, you can borrow funds to invest in your business to increase inventory, open a second business, or lease a bigger space.

2. You Need More Space

One of the signs you should expand your business is if the current space has become inadequate. If you're running a brick-and-mortar business bursting at the seams and can no longer accommodate your business operations effectively, then it's time to seek more square footage.

Another tell-tale sign is when your current site is getting too crowded for comfort at peak hours or if your staff is having trouble finding space to work. Keep in mind that customers' satisfaction decreases with each visit if they have to wait in long lines to be serviced. So, it would be best to expand to accommodate everyone comfortably.

 3. Demand Is Overtaking Supply

When demand for your products exceeds the supply, it goes without saying that it's time for expansion. Scaling up will be the only way to meet your customers' needs. If you're turning customers away, constantly running out of inventory, or working longer hours, you must go back to the drawing board. Don't turn a blind eye when this opportunity knocks; use it to grow and expand.

4. Your Business Requires Skills You Don't Have

A good time to know that your business needs to go to the next level is when you realize that you don't have the necessary skills to get things done. When the business was in its earlier phase, you may have handled everything from the finances, and management of the business, and were also in charge of hiring and firing staff. You know you're ready to expand when professional help is required, such as an accountant for accurate bookkeeping or a manager to oversee daily operations.

Hiring qualified talent to handle responsibilities that are beyond your skills will have a significant effect on your business. It'll free you up to focus and pursue other business opportunities for further growth.

5. Customers Are Demanding For More

When more and more people are traveling from afar to get your products or services, it shows that you have the word-of-mouth advantage and built-in customer base for growth. It's time to research and find viable locations to put up other branches of your business to reach a wider clientele.

Customers asking for additional goods or services have come to rely on you to provide them with what they need. This is the time to diversify and accommodate the new business.

growing your business

6. You've Become Complacent 

Complacency is a threat to any business. When your business operations run like a well-oiled machine, your business may have hit a plateau. When you notice things are running too smoothly, venture out and explore new opportunities to keep the momentum. Business growth should be continuous. Setting new goals and ideas is a motivational force that will prevent you from slipping backward. Remember that complacency restricts growth.

7. Your Cash Flow Is Impressively Consistent 

If your business is at a state where cash flow is steady, profits are impressive, and clients are happy, it's a sign that it's ready for the next level. When your business has attained operational and financial stability, and you have extra cash, leverage the same to explore expansion options.


There's no secret formula to calculate when you should expand your business and move to the next step. An assessment of its performance in terms of current and projected cash flow, its current business operations, and future relevance will inform your next move. Lastly, being alert to the needs of your business is a surefire way to keep it moving upwards.

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