5 Ways To Entice Customers From Your Competitors

The idea of enticing your competitors' customers may appear unethical. But who wouldn't want a competitor's customer to stay with them after their first interaction? It is critical to maintaining ties with your current clients. But unfortunately, many businesses often take theirs for granted in their search for fresh sales leads. This presents an opportunity to swoop in and earn a new customer. Below are five ways to take advantage of the situation.

Entice Customers From Your Competitors

1. Talk to your competitor's customers

It can be challenging to woo your rivals' customers if you don't know who they are, what they need, and what they are not getting from your rival. Interviewing them will provide more details on these. You can do this by conducting a baseline study on them and monitoring their social media timelines for concerns and complaints related to their services. Reaching out and interacting with unhappy customers to find out what they are dissatisfied with and respond with how your business or products may be a better alternative is another excellent strategy.

2. Offer better customer service

Poor customer delivery is a major concern for many businesses today. Similarly to your personal relationships, if your competition does not provide its clients the attention and assistance they require, they will be more ready to go elsewhere. This is your opportunity to start a great relationship by providing them with a better service level your rival won't provide. For instance, if your rival's clients complain about how long it takes to receive responses to their query, you can inform them about your business's prompt and effective response to customer inquiry, with proof if possible.

3. Follow the rumor mill closely

It is called a rumor mill because not everything you hear is factual. However, there is a lot to learn from industry talkers. Be present at community and industry events and network with your peers. You're likely to uncover useful information such as important personnel departing, new projects they're attempting, or clients who are dissatisfied with them. Of course, while chatting to the rumor mill, keep your mouth closed about what you're doing. After all, if they talk to you about others, they will certainly talk to others about you.

4. Adapt to all competitors 

You've done your homework on your competition, just like any good business person. But can you track how your products are doing compared to your competitors and vice versa? Fortunately, business intelligence tools like the Amazon repricer can use advanced similarity matching to offer you an even greater advantage over your competitors. This makes your business and products more appealing to their customers.

5. Check their LinkedIn Profile 

If you know the main players in your competitor's company, look them up on LinkedIn. You'll likely discover a sizable chunk of their client base or useful industry relationships. Keep in touch with such individuals and explain why you're superior. Some businesses are reckless with their clientele, particularly on social media. So you can look at their profile to discover their connections. Determining which ones are clients you should target won’t be that difficult, then just entice the customers using smart marketing.

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