5 Easy to Implement Ways to Gain Customer Feedback

Easy to Implement Ways to Gain Customer Feedback

Creating excellent customer experiences and nurturing a customer-centered business has been one of the most excellent strategies used by big companies. However, it's good to note that all efforts in this regard count for nothing without customer feedback. Saying and believing that you're concerned with your customers' welfare is touching, but it doesn't count in the long run if you have no ways to get feedback and use the reviews to improve your business.

In light of this, we've put together some methods that can help gain customer feedback, which will help you make the right moves so that your business can bloom.

1. Upload a Link to a Survey on All Social Platforms

Collect reviews by contacting your customers via social media platforms. Have a survey link uploaded on the business' websites and socials because any sharing mode increases the chance of you boosting the survey's visibility and making sure your customers take it. Be cautious though, because much like social media platforms being essential tools for marketing, they're equally the downfalls of many businesses. Engaged customers who decide to take the survey are commonly the customers who want to express how great their customer experience is or the extreme opposite. Either way, your company stands to gain results.

Regarding this, always remember that there might be a possibility of not getting a response from your customers, but that shouldn’t stop you from using social media platforms to post-survey links.

2. Customer Assessment through Focus Groups

A focus group is a method to gain customer feedback by using a few people who communicate through a coordinator. Focus groups can survey many people's wants, likings, and preferences. These groups are often open to personal matters and help get personal experiences from customers that can't be found only in data. This makes it a critical element that can complement evaluative research studies to gain more.

With this in mind, the advantage of using focus groups is that there are moderators that can be used to fill in holes in your analysis. Responses from customers using focus groups can be rich with clarity and non-verbal cues such as hesitation and reluctance to answer. However, the downside of using focus groups is that it's expensive and time-consuming, especially for recruiting hard-to-reach customers.

3. Structure the Process of Obtaining Customer Feedback

Customers might come up with methods of making your website better as they're operating it. Still, in most cases, they don’t contact the customer care team for minor problems or when they get annoyed. They'll contact you only if the issue is severe. However, at this point, it's disastrous for your business' reputation. Therefore, it's essential to have customers disclose to you even the smallest of details. The simplest way to do so is through your social media platforms or business website.

Concerning this, how can you collect this information? You can use the feedbox to help persuade customers to speak up even with the slightest annoyances. This will in turn allow you to rectify the issue before it gets worse, or else you'll be one customer down. Please take into account that every piece of review should get a response. By doing this, customers will know that your business is concerned with their well-being.

4. For Every Feedback, Offer an Incentive in Return

Studies have shown that most customers are likely to send a review after a bad experience rather than a positive one. You can gain customer feedback by giving them incentives in exchange for their contribution. These incentives can be discounts, free deliveries, and gift cards. The purpose of an incentive is not to bribe but to boost customer care service. Ensure you choose something that has value to your customer.

5. Hold Competitions

If you acquire a higher customer following, you're on the right path to gathering more customer feedback. One method to gain such involvement is by holding competitions on your business' websites or social platforms. Competitions grab customers' attention by initiating a course of action. Thus, customers can fill out a survey before joining the competition. Or, you can send them a survey link once they sign up.


The most incredible way to understand what your customers think about your company is to gather feedback directly. The aim is to go past liking and disliking products to nurture an understanding with customers. Focus particularly on their thoughts concerning your brand. This kind of information will help boost your social ratings and online reputation.

With that, are you familiar with other methods that you can apply to gain customer feedback? Please leave your comments below.

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