4 Great Benefits of Gravity Forms for WordPress

4 great benefits of gravity forms for wordpress

Gravity Forms is currently one of the most popular WordPress plugins, and for a good reason. What are the benefits of Gravity forms? The plugin allows you to create functional, powerful, and customizable web forms. You can use these to boost your email marketing campaign, collect user feedback, and enable customers to contact you.

Among other things, you can customize your forms, generate polls to engage users, share entertaining quizzes to evoke feedback, and even roll out surveys to gather useful data.

If you're not using the plugin on your WordPress site, or think it is only for simple contact forms, the following are four reasons to change your mind.

Securely accept payments with the Stripe Add-On

Stripe needs no introduction. The payment gateway and processor serves over 1.7 million websites worldwide and at least 138,000 businesses in the US. Many users are especially attracted to Stripe's developer-friendly design.

Gravity Forms has partnered with the payment company to offer you an add-on that you can install to start accepting Stripe payments securely and automatically.

A major advantage of this partnership is that it reduces your responsibility for handling and securing payments and sensitive customer information as Stripe handles that process. Since Stripe serves as a Merchant of Record, you're also protected from liability arising from payment processing issues. This add-on allows your customers to process payments with ease.

Yes, this is a quick and easy way to create donation forms, product forms, and even consulting services payment forms.  No-fuss, simple to set up and yet quite powerful.

Grow your email list with the MailerLite plugin

You may not be familiar with MailerLite - the email marketing platform that is a rising cost-effective competitor to Mailchimp. They offer a WordPress plugin that allows you to publish web forms on your website, and Gravity forms have also partnered with the company, allowing users to integrate MailerLite into their Gravity forms so you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

This means several things. For one, MailerLite is best known for email campaign automation. Once users complete the Gravity form and opt-in, they can be added to a list to get automated email nurture campaigns (regular, A/B split, auto-resend, or RSS) on auto-pilot. Additionally, MailerLite helps with audience segmentation and the management of popup and embedded forms. This is powerful because most other email platforms require you to pay for email nurture automation campaigns but using Gravity forms and MailLite you have it all.

The Gravity MailerLite add-on brings all these valuable features to Gravity forms, which can significantly benefit your web sales and conversion ratios.

Keep spammers at bay with the Anti-Spam Honeypot feature

Like it or not, web forms will always attract spammers. These are typically hackers looking to gain access to your business system or to steal information from your customers.

Until recently, marketers have used Captcha fields to identify and prevent spamming activities. This has worked relatively well for the most part. Unfortunately, Captcha features are also rather ugly and sometimes frustrating.

The Gravity Anti-Spam Honeypot feature solves this problem by adding an extra field to the form, hidden from view using JavaScript. Real users won't see the field, but spambots will see it and fill it in. Gravity Forms then flags the filled forms as spam, helping to keep spammers at bay.

Easily and quickly build forms through drag-and-drop functionality

Finally, Gravity has revolutionized how we design and create web forms by making it possible to build forms through drag-and-drop.

To get started, just navigate to the Forms menu and select New Form. You'll be presented with a box asking you to provide a title and description of the new form. Once that's done, click Create Form to start adding fields.

To add a field to your form, just click on the desired field and it will be added to the form. You can then edit the fields as you wish by hovering over them. If you wish to reorder the fields, drag and drop them to the desired location on the form. Easy, right?

Other Benefits of Gravity Forms

These are just a few examples of the great benefits of Gravity Forms. As well as, other advantages, including conditional logic and data validation, which can significantly simplify the form-creation process. As well, Gravity forms stores entries on your website and gives you a convenient way to download the data from any form. Start using Gravity Forms today to experience the benefits for your website and business.

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