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WordPress was once simply a blogging platform. It has grown exponentially and today powers around 35% of websites globally. This rapid success is due to the platform’s unmatched versatility. WordPress is used for business and personal blogs, small business startups sites, and even multi-billion dollar companies such as Sony Music and the Chicago Sun-Times.

Now finding the right tools is the key to reaping the benefits of WordPress. Event Management plugins can be crucial for many businesses and organizations. Modern Events Calendar is a robust event management tool that comes with several helpful features that will save time and boost your business. Here are 6 of the key features of this event management solution for WordPress websites.

1. Stylish Event Display Layout

An event management system should provide you with a way to create and display posts. This is useful in separating events from other content on your website. Modern Events Calendar boasts some of the most practical and stylish designs. The plugin comes with more than 50 layouts with different skins. They include:

  • A calendar view that lets you organize your events into daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly views.
  • A list view has beautiful themes such as classic, modern, standard, minimal, and toggle.
  • Other layouts such as grid view, single event view, slider view, countdown view, and many more.

2. Mobile-Friendly Interface

The latest figures show that internet users use mobile devices to access more than 63% of global websites. You should, therefore, design your content in a way that makes it easily accessible across all devices.

Modern Events Calendar is made by an experienced Webnus team that has been building WordPress themes for almost ten years. They have used this experience to make the plugin very responsive, easy to use, and mobile optimized.

3. Seamless Migration

There are already hundreds of event management WordPress plugins. If you are willing to migrate to the Modern Events Calendar, but you are worried about losing all your precious data, then worry not.

This plugin allows you to transfer all your events in just a few clicks. This is compatible with most major event calendars like EventOn, Event Espresso, Facebook, and Google Calendar.

4. Friendly Tech Support

Receiving technical support in time could make all the difference to your business. Modern Events Calendar boasts of a very responsive customer support team. Should you experience any problem with the plugin, you can chat with the support at any time, day or night. You can chat online or submit a support ticket if the issue isn’t urgent.

5. Front-end Submissions

This feature allows users to submit suggested events. The benefit of this is that your customers can submit their event ideas with all the relevant details you need. This reduces your workload and simplifies event management from start to finish.

6. Booking and Ticketing

Booking and ticketing are the primary revenue streams for event planners. Modern Events Calendar has a booking feature that makes it easy to sell tickets and register attendees on your website. The feature allows you to customize your event registration form, to suit the nature of your business.

Also, Modern Events Calendar accepts payment from PayPal, major credit cards, and Stripe. On completion of the payment, an advanced add-on lets you design your invoices. The QR code makes it possible to scan the attendee's tickets at the event for better quality control.

Bottom Line

If you're searching for an event management solution, Modern Events Calendar is a valuable addition to your website experience for many types of businesses and organizations. Most of the functionalities are available within the free versions of the plugin. However, if your business has more demanding needs, you can upgrade to the premium version and access further features.

Hopefully, this article allows you to see the benefits of the Modern Events Calendar plugin. The premium service is also available for free for a limited time. This means you can try Modern Events Calendar and get a feel of how it works before committing to a premium account.

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