Plugins That Turn a WordPress Site into a Mobile App

Plugins That Turn a WordPress Site into a Mobile AppFor many people, mobile technology is the only way they get on the internet. Because of this your site must be easily accessible on mobile devices. Many businesses have released mobile apps so users can access their site with a single click. It is now possible to turn your WordPress site into a mobile app (Apple and Android) with some easy to use WordPress plugins. These plugins come in a variety of limited free and paid options. The 4 best choices we’ve found are listed below.

Four Apps To Create A WordPress Site Mobile App

  • AppPresser 3 : (formerly Reactor) AppPresser 3 is a user-friendly cloud-based app creation tool. It requires no advanced coding skills and offers a robust feature set. However, it does require a monthly subscription after a free trial period. Works on both Android and iOS. Also, requires the associated WordPress plugin to properly connect your site to your app.
  • WiziApp: is a paid option that has been available since 2010. Aside from its HTML5 options for mobile website compatibility with your existing site it also offers a mobile app option. This pro service is available in both iOS and Android for a yearly fee or as a combo package for both at a slight discount.
  • Worona: a freemium Android only option Worona creates mobile apps by configuring your site data through WordPress Reset API. Once your files are properly configured you can build your app or pay a one time charge to have it published in Google’s App store. The freemium options sadly aren't that advanced and to use the most desired features does require a subscription.
  • MobiLoud: is a paid app that gives you the ability to create Apps for both Android and iOS. A key feature is that these created apps are native to their respective platforms increasing compatibility and making acceptance into each platforms storefront easier. A monthly fee is required. There is the option of a lifetime license is also available if you want to make use of MobiLoud as a long-term tool for app creation.

Final Thoughts

There are many different options for mobile app creation. The best choices all involve subscriptions and associated costs. However, much like a good website an app costs money and is worth the expense.

Mobile computing is growing in terms of its use and overall exposure. Add to this the increased availability of cheap tablets, smartphones, and stronger tablets replacing lower-end laptops, and the value of mobile apps is only going to increase.

An effective website is one your users can reach and using an app makes your site far more accessible to your desired audience. An important part of a good app is that it eliminates steps from the user side. Currently to reach a frequently visited website on a mobile device you have to open a web browser, type in an address, or click a bookmark. With an app, you simply click the app after it's been installed. An app makes things easier for your visitors and increases the odds that they will continue to visit your site, including giving the ability for push notifications to the mobile user which is huge! These plugins make app creation easier and allow your site’s visitors easier access.

Have you used any of these WordPress-to-App tools or do you have another that you recommend?


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