2010 And Social Media: What to Expect

At this time of year it is often a time to look back and take stock of the year.  As I do that with my work I'm amazed at the explosion of Social Media.  I've been using various forms of social media for a few years but I am amazed from a internet marketing perspective as I look back on the growth of platforms like Facebook in the past year.

A year ago, our business didn't have a Fan Page, and some team members weren't even on Facebook.  Now, we have multiple Fan Pages for various aspects of our business; we've been rolling out Fan Pages and social media strategies for clients for over 6 months; and we're about to launch our first Facebook App!  My how times have changed!

So as we look ahead to 2010, what do you expect will happen with Social Media?

My thought is that Facebook is going to continue to grow and become a even stronger "world" within the world wide web.  I expect that Facebook users will login and sometimes never leave that day!  Everything they need will be within Facebook; their friends, search, shopping, information, e-mail, etc.  Stats direct from Facebook say users are spending nearly 55 minutes a day on Facebook, and I expect that to increase.  

So is your business ready?  Do you have a Social Media strategy and within that a strategic Facebook strategy?  No longer is having only your website a real option.  Now you must be represented on a number of these other strong platforms with Facebook being a primary place of representation.  Look for more apps and tools that allow you to expand what Facebook does for you and prepare to engage in the new world of marketing: Social Media.

Internet Marketing Consultant - Mike Gingerich

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