12 Presentation Tips Every Leader Must Practice

Presentation Tips Every Leader Must Practice

The word “leader” comes with a great deal of responsibility. Being a leader one is expected to lead the team members in an organized and perfect way. The company's working set-up has been changed over the years. And so has the role and function of a leader. Being a leader you should know about all the work functions, and internet marketing tactics to lead your team to new heights.

As a leader, how you express yourself and engage with others is very important. As such, presentations are a great opportunity to demonstrate your leadership skills.

Consider the following list of tips as a checklist of everything you must do to ensure that your presentation flows smoothly.

Self Leadership vs Progressive Leadership

Before we get to the presentation tips every leader must practice, let’s quickly understand more about leadership and types.

What are some core leadership skills?

  • Agility
  • Influence
  • Self-awareness
  • Communication
  • Strategic thinking

What is self leadership?

Self leadership is crucial to accomplish your career goals and become a great leader. The self leadership definition is intentionally utilizing your thinking, actions, and emotions towards your goal. The primary self leadership skills are planning and scheduling, setting goals for life and business, avid interest in learning, clear focus, and discipline.

What is progressive leadership?

The progressive leadership definition is that someone who likes to challenge the status quo focuses on positive things and avoids negativity. Progressive leadership is about having a concern for their employees, and their core focus is customers. They have nothing to prove to anyone and are good mentors to people who want to learn.

12 Best Presentation Tips for Leaders to Practice

1. Know Your Audience

As you will see in this list, the success of your presentation will depend on a variety of things. All of them, however, have to do with how well you connect with your audience. This is why knowing your audience is important.

Whether it’s a group of business professionals at a conference or a group of high school students, modify your presentation to fit the needs and expectations of your audience. This will convey your skills as a presenter and leader.

2. Structure Your Presentation


Your presentation needs to have a clear beginning, middle, and end. This structure will help guide your audience through your presentation. It will also illustrate the effort you put into preparing and giving the presentation.

As you prepare to give your presentation, try to divide it in three sections. If it’s difficult, make some adjustments. The more structured your presentation, the easier it will be to follow and the more engaged your audience will be.

3. Have a Well-Designed Presentation

working on laptop

A badly-designed presentation can make for a bored, uninterested, and frustrated audience. Designing your presentation to meet the needs of your audience can help prevent this. Always make sure that the color scheme, font size, and use of images is adequate for your audience.

If you’re unsure about your design skills, however, you have the option of finding a presentation template that fits your needs. If you want to show professionalism in your line of work, there are a variety of PowerPoint slides to choose from. Show your audience that you care and demonstrate your leadership skills by having a well-designed presentation.

4. Dress the Part

dress for the job

The time and effort you put into giving a great presentation means little if you don’t look the part. Dressing too casual or too formal can be distracting, making it seem like you lack self-awareness.

To avoid this, make sure you have all the details relevant to your presentation, including the dress code. Then, pick an outfit that matches the dress code.

5. Get Organized

Being organized is a simple yet effective way to convey your leadership skills. A good leader is not only knowledgeable but also organized and prepared. Before your presentation, make sure you have your visual aids, notes, and other tools in order.

Getting organized will also help to boost your self-confidence and calm your nerves. This preparedness tells your audience (and yourself) that you are the best person for the job of presenting.

6. Practice, Practice, Practice


One of the easiest ways to ensure that your presentation runs smoothly is to practice. The more you practice what you are going to say during your presentation, the more confident you will feel about giving it.

A few days before your presentation, take some time to practice. This will allow you to notice the parts where you can improve. It will also help to depend on your written notes less.

7. Arrive Early

Nothing damages the impression you make with your audience more than arriving late. Regardless of your reasons, arriving late to your own presentation hurts your image as a leader. It tells your audience that you didn’t care enough to be on time.

Avoid this negative impression by arriving early. If you can, you might want to greet some of the audience members before your presentation.

8. Test for Technical Issues

leader fix technical issues

Where things can go wrong, they often will. Try not to carry your presentation in pendrives. The use of big data in business has grown immensely. Cloud storage and other big data uses business can easily help in storing your presentation in the cloud.

Sometimes the audio doesn’t work correctly, or your presentation isn’t in the right format. These small but significant technical issues can put a damper on your presentation.

If you’ve followed the previous tip and arrived early, take the time to make sure everything works the way it’s supposed to. This will help you prevent any technical issues during your presentation.

9. Speak Clearly

If you want to command the attention of your audience, you need to be eloquent in your way of speaking. Mumbling your way through a presentation will only make it more difficult for your audience to hear you. As a good leader, you want to speak clearly, so everyone can understand you.

Additionally, make sure to avoid using too many filler words such as um, uh, and like. Filled words distract from the message you are trying to send and illustrate how nervous or unprepared you may be.

10. Show Your Enthusiasm

presenting tips for leader

How you give your presentation is just as important as what you have to say. As you practice, notice the way you speak and move. Your body language can say a lot about how you feel, so try not to stay tense and still throughout your presentation.

You can also show your enthusiasm by smiling. Noticing your body language is important, and can show your audience just how much you enjoy the time you’re spending with them.

11. Engage With The Audience

If you want to keep your audience focused and entertained, you need to engage with them. Though presentations might seem like a one-way deal, engaging with your audience shows how well of a leader you can be.

As you give your presentation, take the time to connect with your audience by asking them questions. Additionally, take some time at the end of your presentation to answer any questions your audience might have.

12. Thank Your Audience

presentation tips for leaders in business

If you want to ensure that you made a good impression, be sure to acknowledge the role your audience played in your presentation.

Your audience gave you their time and attention to listen to what you had to say. Show them the same respect by both listening to their feedback and thanking them for their time.


From the planning stage to the audience’s applause, this list is meant to help you improve every aspect of the presentation process. Follow them to ensure you give your audience exactly what they want while illustrating your leadership skills.

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