Here's Why Setting Up a Business-Grade Network is Vital for Companies

Business-Grade Network

If you're running or starting a business, it's wise to reach out to professional business IT service firms that can provide business computer network setup assistance. The right business internet networks can empower your company, ensuring fast, stable connections that allow employees to maximize their productivity.

Internet speeds have improved tremendously over time. Go back 20 years and most homes lacked access to the networks needed to stream high-definition movies. Back then, moving data from one computer to another often meant using physical devices, like a flash drive or even a CD ROM. Moving data over networks was time-consuming and a hassle.

Yet while home networks are now far faster now than before, that doesn’t mean you should simply rush out and buy consumer-grade equipment for your office or other business. Quite simply, even the best modern consumer-grade networking setups can struggle to handle the workload at an office or other facility.

What Makes Business-Grade Networks Different

Business-grade networks provide many benefits. We'll cover some of the most important benefits, but the points below are far from exhaustive. It's smart to talk with a professional IT services firm to learn more about specifics regarding your company.

Consumer-grade networks may not be as secure as their business-oriented counterparts. If someone hacks your home network and gains access to sensitive data, say a credit card, it could cause a lot of damage. However, if a hacker breaks into a corporate network, they may be able to steal much more, including Intellectual Property, business bank accounts, company cards, security credentials, and more. Business-grade networks often have advanced security features built in, such as robust firewalls.

Many consumer-grade devices and networks have some security features, but they often aren’t as strong as their business counterparts.

Furthermore, networks often go offline. Consumer-grade networks typically aren’t as reliable as business-grade networks. Internet Service Providers want to ensure that everyone has access to the web. However, networks often come under strain. Consumer networks are generally not as reliable as business-grade networks. Larger, faster physical connections and better networking gear make business networks more resilient.

When networks do go down, business-grade customers are often serviced first. If a consumer loses access to the Internet at home, most likely the biggest impact will be disrupted streaming, gaming, and the like. If a consumer needs to access the web to send an email or turn in a school assignment, there’s a good chance that they can do so by turning their smartphone and its data network connection into a hotspot.

Mobile device hotspots running off of cellular networks aren’t enough for businesses. Further, if the Internet connection goes down, the business may struggle to run even basic operations. Downtime often results in wasted labor power and can also chase away revenues and customers.

Business networks are also designed to run off multiple connections. One connection may be enough for a regular home or even a small business that doesn’t rely on the web minute in and minute out. However, serious businesses that have the Internet integrated into a wide variety of business processes or that are employing more than a few people may need multiple connections.

The same is true for large facilities. If you run a large warehouse that’s typically staffed by only say a dozen people, you’ll still likely want multiple internet connections so that you can ensure fast, reliable data speeds throughout the facility.

Ultimately, companies need business-grade solutions they can rely on. That makes it crucial to work with professional IT services firms to set up business-grade networks for your office, factory, or another facility.

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