Why is Search Intent Important, and how to use it in your SEO Strategy?

Why is Search Intent Important, and how to use it in your SEO Strategy?

If you want to rank your content in Google, it is important that you master search intent. However, don't be confused; in this article, we are going to decode each detail as to why it is essential and how to use it in your SEO Strategy. Gone are the days when you would just put keywords and create generalized level content, hoping you would rank in SERP. Today Google actually ranks content based on how it meets the needs of the search.

So let us understand.

What do we mean by Search Intent in SEO?

Search Intent, also known as keyword intent, is why a user is going ahead for a search engine. Take, for example, someone searching for "best recipe to cook a pie" or "best gel pen in Delaware," these are different searches in entirely different circumstances, which is what is also meant by search intent.

When your customer goes to any search engine, they have certain specific questions they would want answers for. When you understand this, then you can actually create a masterstroke for SEO optimization.

Why has Search Intent Become Important?

According to a report of 2020, Search Quality Rater Guidelines, search intent is something which Google is currently focusing on. This is because the success of google depends on how much it is able to satisfy a user with their search.

When you understand the intent of the search, it helps to make your content really useful and helps to rank your content.

Now let us understand

What are the different types of Search Intent?

At this time there are various types, but Google focuses on the three core ones, and they are as follows.

  • Informational

According to a study, about 80% of the searches today are informational in nature. This is because most people use Google for research or to get answers to questions. Therefore, they generally contain words like "How," "why," etc.

  • Navigational

This is when a user is actually trying to find a brand, website, or business. These generally contain brand names or a website name to find the particular website for the company.

  • Transactional

These are generally transactional in nature which means the user is actually doing this to make a purchase; for example, keywords like "discount" "best price" are generally transactional in nature.

Since now you have got an overall idea regarding search intent, let understand

How to Optimize your Website Content

The first task is regarding the identification of the different words that your customers are searching for related to your product or service. Once you have narrowed them out, you now have to optimize your content with the target keywords. For this, make sure you look at the content style, content type, content format, and the angle of the content.

You can also check on how to find blogs that accept guest posts to submit posts for better backlinking, which will help in improving the SEO ranking.

Summing Up

These were some of the essential points for search intent, and we hope that you have understood them correctly.

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