Why 81% Of Businesses Now Use Video Marketing

Businesses now use video marketing

Marketing is an incredibly complex subject that ultimately depends on several key human instincts. There is a reason why 81% of businesses now use video marketing as a major part of their entire advertising campaigns. Video sells and today we’ll try to explain why. 

Video Marketing And Human Communication 

Marketing is all about conveying a message to potential customers, users or partners. How you convey that message will greatly impact the effectiveness of your entire marketing campaign. A good copy can be effective, and so can a good image ad. However, these types of marketing media fail to address one extremely important aspect of how humans react to other messages from other people — verbal and non-verbal communication. 

Having an actor or a company representative address your target audience carries much more weight than a written copy. A person watching your company’s video will listen to what the speaker is saying, but they will also catch their body language, facial expressions, and more. All of these subtleties of human interaction can define the success of a video brochure, a complete story-driven ad, or a PSA-type video. Video is a powerful media and an even more powerful narrative delivery vehicle. 

Story Sells 

Video marketing is all about a narrative. However, there are many ways to push a narrative through video. Standard video ads like the ones seen during the Superbowl, use storytelling to deliver a message. Everyone likes a good story, especially if it’s presented through a highly produced video. Stories sell. 

On the other hand, shorter video marketing formats depend on a clear and concise message. This form of video marketing uses many aspects of copywriting to deliver a narrative in a few short but extremely powerful sentences. Both strategies deliver impressive results when done right. 

Educational Content

Businesses now use video marketing

Although story-driven ads and short TV spots are still important, video marketing has evolved to include other types of content. Educational content such as how-to videos has become a powerful tool in creating brand awareness. By offering potential users or customers value in the form of knowledge, your company is growing its level of authority within the industry. 

More importantly, educational content allows you to reach a wider audience and promote your service or products in a much more organic way. Companies that have utilized a series of educational videos have seen a significant yet gradual increase in market share over a fairly short period of time. 

Testimonials To Seal The Deal 

Testimonials are a popular marketing tool that has been widely used for decades if not centuries. However, the difference between a written testimonial and a video testimonial is night and day. Seeing a person present their testimony of a product or service is much more effective than reading a short quote next to a still image of a person. 

The reason why 81% of businesses now use video marketing is that it works. Even though it is currently one of the most complex forms of advertising, video marketing offers some of the best conversion rates in the industry. With the help of this marketing method, a business would be able to reach more of its target audience.

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