What is SocialChamp and How Do You Use It?

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Once is never enough with social media. If you post it, and no one sees your business post, it wasn’t valuable for your marketing.  For “posting like a champion”, SocialChamp has developed a platform to schedule messages on the major social networks in recurring fashion long after the original post appeared.

SocialChamp knows if your message only appears once, you’ll lose at least 75% of the potential views a post could have. You need to post your messages multiple times to be seen by all your fans. Within Social Champ, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn posts can be scheduled to take advantage of timing and repeated as often as you set.

It’ a tool that offers the busy business marketer efficiencies to make your job easier…Sounds good already, right?

Features of SocialChamp



Creating posts to promote your business is only the beginning. Setting your marketing messages on a repeating schedule will make sure it’s continually hitting each social media network at your desired frequency.

Another nice feature is the Chrome extension that can be downloaded to allow you to interact with SocialChamp right from the browser while on other web pages.

And there’s a Link to an Image Extraction feature as well to make it easy to add images to Pinterest and other social platforms while using SocialChamp.

How SocialChamp Works

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Go to SocialChamp’s site, quickly create an account and you’re taken to create a social media post. Then select the social media sites you want the message to go to and schedule the publish time and date.

The best part is that you can do this when you have the time, allowing the message to be sent (and re-sent) at exactly the time and day you want it seen.

Once your social media accounts are set up within SocialChamp, it’s quick and easy to schedule posts multiple times to multiple social networks.

Metrics with Social Champ

It’s easy to get a clear picture of the impact of each social post you share.  A running count of the number of clicks, retweets, and likes for each post is displayed. With this data, you can build on and follow-up on highly successful posts with others like it, and avoid the pitfalls of posts that went flat.

Leveraging posts that have attracted a lot of attention is an effective way to sharpen marketing messages and target prospective clients. Alternatively, posts that have received little attention can be revised or re-purposed.

Advantages of SocialChamp:

  • Prepare messages when you have time
  • Send repeat or slightly different messages at precisely the right time without the need to log into the account again and again
  • Adjust and adapt messages quickly
  • Measure responses to each post on each social media platform it is shared on
  • Set up RSS feeds to pull in content from your favorite sites so that you have great social media content ready to share when you want to load your queue for posting

Social Champ Tiered Pricing

There is no charge for the SocialChamp’s introductory membership. This tier supports 2 social media profiles with 12 posts per profile. Hopefully, you’ll recognize the marketing value of repetitive social media postings. Included in introductory membership, cContent suggestions, volume-of-interest feedback, and metrics.

Social Champ’s next level is $10/month. You’ll get 25 profiles and 1,000 messages with all the same services.

The next level at $50/month gives you 50 profiles and 1,500 posts per profile. The highest tier costs $100/month and gives you 100 social media profiles and 2,000 posts per profile, an amazing 200,000 posts per month! Try doing that without automation.

You can even test the higher levels with SocialChamp’s 14-day free trial. So, for a newcomer to the field of social media marketing SocialChamp is a solid platform with easy-to-use features that can help the busy marketer get ahead and be social with their business!