What is SocialChamp and How Do You Use It?

Social Champ Review- A Pocket-Friendly Tool for Turbocharged Social Media Marketing

What’s the essential thing you need to set up your brand’s identity? Social media, isn’t it?

Nowadays, social media is the proven way that helps you to build up your brand identity and introduce it to the world.

However, what happens when you have multiple social accounts? Isn’t it exhausting to post manually on all your social media profiles? The challenge here is to manage several social media profiles to maintain (and grow) engagement on all channels.

As you can imagine, you need an automation option that can take care of the scheduling posts for all popular channels.

Let us introduce you to a powerful solution that offers scheduling, analytics, and a host of other features that simplify social media management for small businesses, agencies, and large companies alike.

When you opt for SocialChamp, you get a social media management tool that will give your marketing skills wings. You will see your brand getting more sales, exponential engagement with maximum reach.

Introducing SocialChamp

It is the cleanest and the most efficient tool to manage all the operations related to social media. This boosts your productivity and makes your social media marketing game better than ever. The tool supports Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google My Business.

SocialChamp helps you schedule posts, monitor your posts’ analytics, manage content, track the analysis of your posts and get the big picture of all your scheduled, published, and future posts on a content calendar.

So instead of switching or toggling tabs and breaking your flow, you can now be more persuasive and make the most of your social media presence.

Don't miss out on the essential requirements; you don't need to be active on your social accounts to post contents daily. Let SocialChamp do this for you by scheduling your posts in advance and save your valuable time and divert the extra efforts to more productive tasks.

You can handle all your social accounts from one dashboard. Publish posts, analyze your statistics to get powerful insights into how your posts perform and work with your dream team.

Schedule your posts and hang out in peace, get suggestions of the most relevant content, never forget important events and schedule in advance, repeat your posts multiple times, automate your social profiles and much more things with SocialChamp.

Collaborate With Your Global Team

SocialChamp is built for globally located teams. You can quickly collaborate with team members, post tons of content with bulk upload, and analyze statistics. Any authorized team member can respond to the comments and messages from a single social inbox. As a result, you can see an increase in traffic, and manage all your social media accounts from one centralized dashboard.



SocialChamp has made your work easier. Publish your content on your social media profiles through SocialChamp’ Publish feature. You can add emojis, images, and trending hashtags to get your posts featured at the top of the feeds.

Queue your posts and edit or reschedule your post timings. Use a CSV file to upload plenty of posts on your social media profiles using the bulk upload feature.


Using analytics is essential for understanding the performance of your social media campaigns. With SocialChamp, you get a powerful analytic feature where you can check the analytics of your posts. You get an overview of your posts, tweets, retweets, likes, and clicks in a graph. Compare your analytics from week to week and month to month to find out the content that needs improvements.

You can see what audience segments are preferring through their engagement on your posts. Save the analytics data in a PDF file to keep a record for later analysis. Keep an eye on your social media posts’ progress to execute better campaigns in the future.


It may get hard to stay active on social media platforms and look after your social media profiles 24/7.

Here’s how SocialChamp helps you stay consistent with your social media platforms - simply schedule your posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest through SocialChamp. You don’t need to put extra effort into switching tabs. This gives you ample time to focus on more critical tasks. Schedule your posts to avoid missing out on anything, especially when you have so much on your business plate.


Evergreen posts are everyone’s favorite, but every post has an expiry date. The Repeat features allow you to repost your content to your desired social media platforms and see the magic of evergreen content in action.

Now you don’t need to post manually. And once you are repeating your post through SocialChamp, your chances of getting higher engagement will increase.

Crello, Wave video, and Canva Integration

Who doesn't love to have alluring images with their social content?

SocialChamp offers you a great opportunity of creating and editing images and videos right within the post creation screen. Simply sign into your Canva, Crello, or Wave Video account and use all the functionalities without switching tabs.


SocialChamp offers you four exciting plans.

  • Champ Plan: $10/month
  • Pro Plan: $29/month
  • Agency: $99/month
  • Business: $199/month

If you wish to try out the platform before paying anything, signup for a 7-day free trial.

Final Thoughts

SocialChamp has always been easy to use. It is a reliable, fast way to manage multiple social media accounts from a user-friendly dashboard. Schedule and manage all your posts from one perfect all-in-one tool. Now sit back and relax and let SocialChamp rule all your social networks.










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