What is and How Do You Use It?

What is and How Do You Use It? is the next step in content marketing research and editing. It's artificial intelligence (AI) that frees up time and works for you so that you can focus on your message. If you know that content marketing for your website and social media posting of resource-rich information is important but you don’t have the time, Scredible is a key resource! With this app, you’re no longer searching for information online; it’s brought directly to you, and drafts for you to edit/approve are created for you based on your writing style. Think of it as a virtual content-gathering and writing assistant.

If your business isn't using social media; your company may be falling behind your competitors and losing brand recognition. Websites, Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts are all needed to get in front of and capture an audience share, and that can take significant time.

How Does Scredible Work?

An incredible amount of information is available online; written, videos, graphics. Weeding through the huge piles of content to find info relevant to your readers is frustrating. Not to mention the fact that carving out time to do your own blog post writing can be tiring.  The Scredible AI selects tidbits of the info you want from oceans of data you don’t.

When you set up a business or personal page, Scredible is the tool that searches for relevant content and creates an environment for your brand to grow.

How Does It Do That?

The Scredible team analyzes your ROI and social media skills, and a strategy is created. Whether you’re in need of recruiting folks for your sales department or training them to engage with your clients, Scredible helps you while saving money along the way.

The Scredible team will design a unique AI system that is matched to your business and its social media needs. It fills content gaps. You’ll maintain an Internet presence that reflects your style and message.

After that, the AI searches for content and provides a synopsis of it. At this point, you may edit the content. With each revision, the AI learns your interests and style of presentation. The AI creates synopsis the way you would, letting you spend less time editing and more time engaging with customers.

Scredible has several pricing levels. Whether you prefer to handle everything in-house or outsource, Scredible adapts to your ways. In the end, your sales team will have the knowledge to engage to bring in more leads, schedule more appointments and convert them into a viable income.

Scredible helps with anything from recruitment to training your staff; Scredible gives you the tools to make a truly unique and healthy brand.

Have More Than One Profile?

No problem. Your AI will tailor each of your profiles to express your message in the style you want to relate to the world. It learns what you want and builds upon it.

To use this AI, you'll receive individual coaching, webinar presentations, and workshops. Like the content Scredible finds, the training is presented in the method you prefer. Scredible builds its success on your success and helps you every step of the way.

So, this is “high-tech” at its leading edge!  Artificial intelligence to help you curate great content, write social media posts, and help you write blog posts, all from an intelligent system that learns your style and goals!

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