Team Communication Online: Slack is it!

What is Slack

Keeping your work team all going in the same direction can feel like herding cats at times.

How do you keep everyone up-to-date efficiently and keep digital information flowing to all who “need-to-know” without flooding everyone’s email inbox and have files floating around in various emails but not centralized and easy to find. To solve this issue, your team needs a way to communicate quickly and efficiently, a messaging service but with more robust tools.

Slack for Team Communication Online:

That’s what Slack is, a different kind of messaging service that allows an unlimited number of people to communicate quickly and send ideas back and forth to team members with the push of a button.

Slack can be used both on desktop and notebook computers, as well as on smartphones via apps. Despite its name, the focus is on helping your team to be more productive than ever before.

How Slack Works

Slack is available on iOS, Android, Windows desktop and Mac desktop not to mention it’s a no-install-required web software tool. Add your email, pick a password, enter you slack domain and you have a custom communication tool for your entire team.

What is Slack

It’s largely instant messaging with more power! Like most instant messaging services, typing a short message at the bottom of the screen sends it out to whoever is on your team. But here’s where it gets interesting.

What is Slack

Slack allows you to create channels, as many as you want, each with its own topic, project label or team heading. Fine tune the communication of your team by tweaking the topics and labels. The multiple channels allow you to keep conversation topics appropriate and contained to only those team members it relates to.  No more broadcasting messages to 7 people when only 3 are involved.

What is Slack


You can also direct message, of course. And you can drag and drop just about any file into the system to quickly and effortlessly share it with team members.  This is a key feature to keep files tied to appropriate channels.  Simply use the robust search tool to find past files or conversations and add other channels for other work projects and work teams, Slack handles them all and keeps you organized and in-the-know.

How Much Does it Cost?

Slack is free, free for everyone! But there are limitations with the free account. If your business is booming, you'll want to upgrade for email integration and unlimited file space.

Expanding Your Slack

Once you’ve reached pro level on your Slack competency, it’s time to look at the huge list of integrated apps.

For social networking marketers, you can get your Twitter feed pushed right into a specific channel. For marketing gurus, you can interface Slack with any number of analytical programs and have a bot send the reports right to you!

Imagine if you could set up a channel to monitor the views of your latest content, and send you a message if it starts to go viral. Slack can integrate with Content Tracker, interface with your Google Analytics account, and take the reins from there.  It’s definitely more than an ordinary instant messaging app.

Slack is one of the best productivity tools out there, especially if you are working with a couple of people in different locations or across a bunch of different platforms. And the price can’t be beat. You owe it to yourself to take a look at the organizational powers of Slack.

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