Should Your Business Be Using a Chatbot?


The experience that a business provides to a customer often determines whether the customer will keep using the brand or move on to another brand. The rise of technology also means that customers have access to more information than ever before. Customers want an instant and convenient experience, which is why the use of chatbots is on the rise.

Waiting for hours just to get a reply from a business, seems senseless in this fast-paced world. Nobody wants to wait anymore, and the sense of urgency keeps rising. Chatbots help reduce this wait by providing timely answers.

Big brands like Spotify, Lyft, MasterCard, and Pizza Hut have adopted this technology to improve customer support. Like many, you may be wondering if your business should be adopting the use of Chatbots.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider a Chatbot on Facebook and on your website for your business:

  1. Bots Can Save Money

If your business currently has a customer support team, you are obviously paying for their services. Adopting a chatbot means that you may be able to have a smaller team to deal with the customers, or less hours by team members so they can do other things. A few customer support staff and a chatbot will be enough to handle many customer requests. This also has the added advantage of expanding your business by potentially promoting staff internally to other needed work areas.

Additionally, chatbots can be more efficient than humans; thus, the adoption of chatbots will actually enhance customer support. Unlike humans, chatbots have no limitations and can handle as many customer concerns as possible. They're active 24/7, which will help save costs and effort. 

  1. Fast Response & Near Human-like interaction

Chatbots can have conversations with your customers the same way a human agent would. You can even program the chatbots to have humor. This will ease the conversation and help to improve the experience for the customer.

Also, chatbots are always in a good mood, unlike some people, who can turn away customers with a potentially rude response if they are having a bad day. You can also program the chatbots to greet customers in a non-intrusive way every time they open your webpage.

Although chatbots offer human-like interaction, their interactions are bound by the rules programmed. This means that it will be as polite as any human can and will continue with a conversation no matter how irritating the customer is. Bots have the upper hand over human agents as they can also be programmed to communicate in multiple languages.

  1. Chatbots cater to Millennials & Gen Z

Millennials are known for their love for messaging and prefer having little to no interaction with humans at times when online. Chatbots could be the key to unlocking the millennial market for business. They offer the services of a customer service agent without having to call and interact with human agents.

Millennials also hate waiting for responses and will bounce to the next page if a response is delayed. Luckily, chatbots provide instant replies and never ignore any messages. Human agents are likely to overlook some requests, which reduces their conversion rates. 

  1. Analyze & Learn user’s needs

Bots can also analyze a customer’s voice and sentiments to offer a solution to their queries. Chatbots will give the customer more attention and engage the customer for longer, thus fueling the visitors desire to purchase the product or service, and helping to increase brand awareness for your business.

  1. Reduces errors

They say to err is human. Alternatively, AI is quite advanced and thus can really be programmed to make no mistakes. They will only provide the information provided, in a way that is programmed in, and will never forget to mention things. Chatbots answer questions depending on the queries and provide only the appropriate answers, which makes them an asset. You must pay attention to the transcripts and update the Chatbot where needed to maximize the potential.

As AI adoption continues to increase in the business world and customer expectations for urgent turnaround increase, it can be time to go ahead and explore an investment in chatbots to up your business support initiatives.

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