Web Tools for Remote Team Collaboration

The web is changing how we work!

According to a infographic from Highfive, there was a 79.7% increase in the number of remote workers between 2005 and 2012, and that number just keeps jumping higher today (Infographic below)

The key is how you collaborate and communicate...and with the web, that often means tools.  What web tools for collaboration, project management and interaction help your business proceed?


I dive into my tools for remote team collaboration and communication.

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What Matters Most in Online Teaming:


Hands down this is the most critical element.  We must make up for less face-time by having more communication.  Communication of priorities, status updates, questions and answers.  This can largely be done via the tools and mostly via chat but I found that weekly face-to-face is so helpful in really keeping connected.  After all, we are human!  And that human touch of video meeting is critical to long-term success.


Whatever tools and communication patterns you use, you must be regular in them and not switching it up all the time! A great way to confuse your team is to keep switching how you communicate with them.  This is NOT good!  If I use Google Hangout chat with someone, I stick to that and don't switch to Skype at times with them. I'm consistent in the tools I use with each team member.

Web Tools For Remote Team Collaboration:

There are loads of tools but here are top ones in my opinion...


Free, open-source, and powerful.  All Digital Marketing and Content management projects are here.  Large scale web projects where we manage details with clients are here as well.

Easy-to-use and flexible. A central place for all your tasks, teams, projects and communications. Replaces the different tools you use for task management, collaboration, file sharing, time tracking and reviewing with a single software.


  • Skype
  • Google Hangouts

Both have video, both have mobile apps, both have chat.  I like them both for these reasons.  I use all those features.  I flow between them based on the preference of the person I am working with.


  • Google Drive

Content Calendar, Content drafts, Reports, Slideshows, Storage of images, etc., all go in Drive.  It's the holding area for items related to various projects and tasks.  It integrates with Asana which is great!

Other Web Tools used:

  • Email - Communication via email with weekly quick summaries by our developers and our digital team with their top priorities, their needs, and any items/issues they want to discuss.  This then is covered in our 1-on-1 video chat times each week.  I simply try to use email less and less for any project management items.  Asana and Drive often work with email as well as updates come via email and I can reply and update projects via email if I need to.
  • Elance / UpWork - I've hired some digital marketing contractors through these freelancer services.  Elance and ODesk recently merged and the new "UpWork" system was launched from the marriage of the two.  These services have messaging services

What are your "go to" tools for remote team collaboration?

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Highfive Remote Worker Profile Infographic:

highfive - remote worker

What's your biggest takeaway from my process and web tools?  Share below!

Next Doable Task:

It’s always about taking away learnings and applying them!  What’s the key takeaway that you need to act on in the next 24 hours based on listening to this?

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