Web Design 2021: HVAC Website Design Trends

Web Design 2021: HVAC Website Design Trends

When it comes to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) services, many companies are competing in the market. Therefore, establishing a good online presence is crucial to reach more HVAC prospect clients. 

While HVAC professionals are highly knowledgeable and skilled in what they do, marketing these services is another thing. More so, digital marketing requires a different kind of technical skill. And even creating a functional and great web design should be entrusted in the hands of experts. 

If you have an HVAC business, it’s essential to keep up with the latest web design trends to maximize your earning potential—especially if you’re trying to attract more prospects online. Learn the newest HVAC web design trends below:

1. Minimalist HVAC Web Design 

One of the latest web design trends for HVAC companies is the chic minimalist design. With a chic minimalist design, you can make your content stand out. A minimalist design is neat, timeless, and straightforward. It loads fast and is easier to navigate because the site has fewer elements. This can win the trust of your site visitors. 

You can accomplish a chic web design by using a limited color palette and using dramatic topography to stir visual interest. You can also make use of some flat graphics and elements. As much as possible, simplify the layout and strip the content of your HVAC website to the basics to successfully achieve this look.

2. Referral Program HVAC Web Design 

One of the most effective strategies in promoting HVAC service agreements is using referral programs. Referral programs leverage word-of-mouth marketing because your satisfied customers would be the ones who would refer your company to new prospects or clients. 

Offering a referral program is a win-win for HVAC companies and the referrers. A referral program agreement provides the referrer some benefit or extra service every time a family member or a friend signs up for your HVAC services. On the other hand, your company earns new clients.

So, how do you redesign your website to provide a referral program to your customers? Here’s how:

  • Specify The Rules: It’s important to specify the rules first for the web designer to get a good picture of the essential elements on each page that play a vital role in the referral program. For instance, you can set a rule wherein only registered members can share the referral link and receive a credit for client referrals.
  • Add A Referral Page: You need to design and add a new page under the user profile section. Include a short paragraph about your HVAC referral program, including share buttons, and referral credit balance information such as credits earned, spent, and available credit points.
  • Add A New Call To Action (CTA) Page: Entice web visitors to sign up by designing and adding a new page with the rules and a CTA button from the homepage banner. Once website visitors sign up, they’ll easily find the buttons they need to click to start referring your HVAC services to their social networks.

Web Design 2021: HVAC Website Design Trends

3. Data-Driven Web Design 

Small businesses like plumbing companies, restaurants, cleaning services, and HVAC firms don’t make headlines like Fortune 500 companies and government contractors when they sell or close deals. However, an exit strategy consultancy firm believes in the small business sector as the best place to develop a scalable process for new growth.

With this concept in mind, HVAC companies can take advantage of online channels to promote the facts about their business and encourage more people to avail their services. As big companies and corporations report their stock performance in finance charts and business news platforms, HVAC companies can create a similar look by designing a factual, data-driven web design.

Below are some tips to create a data-driven website:

  • Include A Business Analysis: You probably have kept your business records for many years for tax purposes. So, why not create a financial or business analysis report of your HVAC company for the last five years and present them on your website creatively? This is one way to show your prospects that many people already trust your services. 
  • Include Charts, Tables, And Graphics: You may want to include visual presentations of your company’s milestones and accomplishments to boost your trust rating and industry leadership.
  • Include Data-Driven Sliders And Carousels: You can present and highlight your HVAC company’s assets and achievements using sliders and carousels too. Just make sure they won’t slow down your website’s loading speed. 


The best and newest HVAC web design trends go back to the most basic requirements. Simple and timeless HVAC web designs prioritize loading speed, user experience, and premium content to prospective and current customers. So, if you want to benefit from the best HVAC web design, don’t hesitate to consult a web designer and discuss your preferences and goals.

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