Ultimate Guide To Blockchain Engineer Bootcamp

Ultimate Guide To Blockchain Engineer Bootcamp

You must consider blockchain development if you're interested in joining the technology field in the developer role. Blockchain is an advancing field that was started to power Bitcoin, but it soon took over the entire tech industry and has now become something marvelous.

Choosing a career stream that is still relatively new and about which you don't know much is very intimidating. But rather than being scared and giving up on that dream, you are doing your best researching blockchain. It is essential to know whether there is any scope in blockchain or if it is just a trend that will disappear in no time.

So let us take a closer look at what it is like to be a blockchain engineer. From the skills a blockchain developer must have to the different salaries various job roles offer, we will discuss it in this ultimate guide to blockchain engineer Bootcamp.

Skills And Tools Covered In The Blockchain Bootcamp

The role of a blockchain engineer is similar to that of a software engineer. The most distinct difference is that a blockchain engineer must make applications using blockchain technology.

They need a good understanding of the technology and the right skills to make these applications.

Here are all the skills the blockchain Bootcamp teaches you:

  • Cryptography and Cryptocurrency
  • Networks
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Hyperledger
  • Consensus
  • Distributed Ledgers

Here are all the tools you must learn from the blockchain Bootcamp:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Hyperledger
  • Hyperledger Fabric
  • MultiChain
  • Solidity
  • Truffle

Additionally, you also need to know these programming languages to become a blockchain developer:

  • C++
  • Java
  • Python
  • Simplicity
  • Solidity

Who Should Join A Blockchain Bootcamp?

Any individual aspiring to have a career in blockchain must join the blockchain Bootcamp. You don't need much prior experience before joining Bootcamp, but you will have the upper hand with working experience in the IT industry.

It is also encouraged that professionals from the finance field interested in technology join the blockchain Bootcamp. Not only is blockchain great for kickstarting your career in AI and tech, but it also increases your chance of getting hired by FinTech companies.

The best part about a lot of these blockchain courses is that you get the choice of studying blockchain at your own pace in an online or offline setting. You can dedicate yourself to learning blockchain full-time, or as a working professional, you can take some time out of your day to upskill yourself with blockchain. So depending on your availability and preferred way of learning, you can choose a course that suits you.

What Does A Blockchain Engineer Do?

The best job you could land after thoroughly learning about blockchain is that of a blockchain engineer in an organization. Blockchain engineers are industry experts responsible for creating solutions in a business by developing computer networks, data structures, and algorithms.

The roles are responsibilities of a blockchain engineer look something like this:

  • Looking for high-quality data
  • Building applications with blockchain technology
  • Using statistical data to define the architecture of the blockchain system
  • Building backend features with blockchain to support mobile applications
  • Checking and fixing issues and bugs
  • Maintaining and modifying the backend and frontend
  • Writing and implementing code
  • Being immersed in the blockchain ecosystem during the development
  • Collaborating with Data Science, Research, and Production management teams
  • Being involved in the project the entire time
  • Preparing data for projects and mentoring the team to use blockchain technology to develop better applications

Jobs In Blockchain Other Than A Blockchain Engineer

The technology field has many more jobs than blockchain engineers for people with blockchain certification and expertise. While a blockchain engineer earns ₹460,000 annually, others in blockchain job roles also earn well.

Here are the most popular job titles in the blockchain field:

Data Scientist

When a business has a huge problem, everyone must be on board to resolve it as soon as possible. A data scientist is usually the person to take huge responsibility in this matter. Examining data sets and using blockchain technology to derive a solution from them is the primary responsibility of a data scientist.

Average annual salary: ₹10.6 LPA

Full Stack Web Developer

A full-stack web developer usually manages the entire lifecycle of a blockchain application. This means that they have the application's research and execution under control.

Average annual salary: ₹6.5 LPA

Blockchain Project Manager

Project managers for blockchain are in charge of all decentralized ledger technologies. They bridge the gap between the clients and the developers to ensure they are meeting the project's requirements.

Average annual salary: ₹26 LPA


Blockchain development might be gaining popularity, but it is a field full of opportunities. Completing the blockchain Bootcamp will upskill you for the career of your choice in blockchain technology and help you get a massive paycheck while working a job you love.

For any further information, clarification, or career guidance related to the topic, feel free to call us: 1800-212-7688.

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